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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Look it's my Zombie Costume!

Oh wait that's just what I look like today after yesterdays trauma. If you didn't read click here to read about it.

So yesterday afternoon I came back home to finish up a little more got a call from my doctors office that another office could see me. So I ran over to the other office drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot, I even went up 8 floors of the parking garage to find nada! Back down I went and parked in another doctors office parking lot, thanks! Run in to be comforted by a receptionist that immediately put on a mask. Really I'm not sick! To find that I need to go up 3 floors. Run in there and taken back immediately! They were so nice the LNP that saw me was nice put man she talked a LOT! She numbed the arm and put the implant in. Ok I know my arm was numbed but part of me wanted to RUN when I saw the scalpel. Something about cutting my skin while I'm awake really freaked me out! I'm left with a large bruise and a plastic toothpick in my arm, that freaks me out to touch!

My day at the doctors!
That is the IUD they tried 2 different ones to put in.
Bottom right is not my arm(too skinny) but what they put in me.

I finished up got a quick sandwich, picked up the items from the children's resale shop that gave me a whopping $13 and 2 full bags of stuff they didn't take (I give up with them). Then off to the dentist. I arrived at 2pm I left after 4:30pm!!! Yup my tooth was a pain in the rear to remove! He yanked and yanked, leaving my lip all tore up, a sore jaw and bloody mess in my mouth!

They called in my prescription and I went to pick up the boys, thinking ok plenty of time to come back and get my prescription before my mouth numbed and hurt like heck!!! Picked up both boys and headed back thinking it's been over an hour! I sit in the drive threw mind you no one in front of me for another 15 minutes! Finally she comes over and says she doesn't see my prescription, to hold on the pharmacist is going to listen to the voice-mails! REALLY wouldn't that be something you do a lot, not when someone comes in to pick up? I call the dentist who says they called it in almost a hour and half ago! The girl comes back on (because I pushed the help button) and tell her this and that I have the dentist office on the phone and they are calling right now. I hang up and another 5 minutes the lady comes back on and so nicely (NOT) tells me "YOU DIDN'T NEED TO HAVE THEM CALL AGAIN. I TOLD YOU THE PHARMACIST WAS LISTENING TO THE MESSAGES. AND WE FOUND THE MESSAGE". That will be an hour!

Ok my tooth is hurting so I'm not so nice now, They called in my prescription over an hour ago.

Rude Lady: Well our wait time is usually 1 1/2 hours.
Me: That's good because my prescription was called in around that time.
RL: Well Mama you're just going to have to wait
Me: I'm sorry but why I am having to suffer because you can't check your messages (told you I was in a lot of pain by this time).
RL: Well if you come in you might have better luck!
Me: The reason I choose your pharmacy (which I hate and haven't gone to in over a year, because you suck ... case in point) Is because I have two kids and didn't want to get out of the car.
RL: Not sure what to tell you, you'll have to come in.
Me: Isn't that why you have a drive up??? Fine I'm coming in, but I'm calling your corporate office. (Which I've done before and this is still the way)

So Walgreen's not the best place to go when you're in pain!

I went to McD's and grabbed the boys sandwiches, and yes I took them and the food in with me! Yes I was being white trash like that!!! I stood in line for another 15 minutes about to cry! While a guy behind me grumbled about the wait and yelled at every employee that just happened to walk by! Finally got up there of course it wasn't in the bin, the pharmacist walked over with gave him "the look" and nodded to me! Whatever yes I'm that grumpy crazy woman! Deal with it!!!

Rick got the impression I was frazzled by my tone and oh yeah maybe a little screaming from me. He was scheduled until midnight and made the comment I should have told him so he could have taken the day off. Well let's just say I politely reminded him I did maybe he should listen!!

An hour later his friend came by and picked Cole up for a few hours. Oh thank the Lord, I put Caden to bed and bed for me too! I went to bed at 8pm and thought I would be fine at 4:55am, plenty of time. Well that was great until I tried to get out of bed, must have been thrashing all night long and oh yeah threw my back out! REALLY am I not in enough pain? My boss was very nice let me take a break to try to take a hot shower and then ice my back. I tried to finish up but not having the best morning. I was have the BEST boss ever let me take off a little early to try and get sleep. And that lasted about a 1/2 before the boys started to scream but overall not too bad ... LOL

So here is my Zombie look!
Top two are today bottom right yesterday.
Check out my lip, it's all lovely beat up.
You even get a shot of my face and the arm!


  1. Man girl you should have sent hubby in to get the snip if you don't want any more Kiddo's. It's the best and you don't have to worry about all that crap!
    Sounds like you need a nice stiff drink of some sort!
    Good luck with everything and hope you get some rest soon.

  2. OMG!! I thought it couldn't get any worse! I hope you are feeling better soon and able to rest.

  3. You poor thing......I'm hoping you feel better soon!.....Just think of all the trick or treating! Pull up a nice bag of chocolate when you get a chance....and yeah, maybe a bottle of some good stuff.......

  4. I think that's just about the worst day I've ever heard about. Seriously.

    You poor sweetheart!

  5. That wait at Walgreens sucked, so sorry about that. I hate when that shit happens and it happens more and more. Glad your friend came and picked up Cole giving you a break. Hope your better today!

  6. Bless your heart! You had a terrible day. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Walgreens is HORRIBLE! Ugh! Hope you had a better night and are on the mend...

  8. All I can offer are more goat hugs....
    so sorry.

  9. Poser what are you doing to yourself? I am coming right over to help out and give you TLC and maybe bake something sweet. OUch....

  10. Wow! Well, it is a new week, right?
    I have a little treat for you on my site!

  11. two parter! it's almost funny...:(

  12. Well, if it were me it would be "No snip? ok, no sex." Secondly I am with you with Walgreens. When I had my wisdom tooth yanked (and that involved cutting off of my jawbone since it wouldn't pull) I went in to have my meds picked up and they treated me like I was drug seeking. It was rediculous. Not worth the effort for me.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  13. Geez! I don't know how you did that all in one day! I like to take breaks between going to doctors-they stress me out too much! LOL!

    I hope you're feeling better now! :-)

  14. Good grief! I'm so sorry! Definitely DONT go back to that Walgreens! That happens at my pharmacy too though (CVS). I have to call them when I leave the DR. and tell them my dr. just phoned in a prescription so they'll check the messages and get on it. Otherwise, I'm right where you were! It's ridiculous!!
    Hope you're feeling better today girl! Glad you have such a great boss!

  15. I agree stay away from Walgreens! I also have to call ahead, or when dropping off tell them I will be back SOON for my scripts...hope you are feeling better, and life is good...

  16. I read your story about the pharmacy and just KNEW it was Walgreens before I even finished reading. Then I read it to The Hubs and he said, "It was a Walgreen's wasn't it?" We don't go there EVER for prescriptions no matter what, they just SUCK. And after the day you had... man I feel SO bad for you... I sure hope they were at least good drugs, um, meds for pain! :-)
    Big hugs to you and hope you feel better soon!!


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