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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aromatic Health Review

Are you in need of some relaxation? Have you read my blog lately? Yes oh please lord I need some relaxation! When Aromatic Health so nicely offered to let me try out some of there products it was really answers to prayers. I'm in LOVE with the Mother & Child section where you can find such wonderful treats as Children's cold & 'flu, Tranquil Child, this is the next one I have to try ah! choo and for you mommy's to be they have a Belly Butter! I'm telling you pampering to the next level!

What I liked the best is Michelle the founder and owner has been practicing and perfecting aromatherapy and making a line to help so many! I know we're all wanting to bring healthy items into our life Michelle line on Aromatic Health is handmade used with only pure and organic essential oils and raw materials. I love finding amazing products that make me feel good about buying them and using them! Win Win! Plus when it was shipped it was in a very compact envelope that I could reuse, yup you even can recycle and feel even better!

Not only do they have all these amazing lines they have Custom Blends! What you are looking and needing is right here at Aromatic Health, for your mind, body and soul you need to check out this site. Especially if you have children you have to try the Tranquil Child. The boys are like oh please put the nice smelling stuff in the bath ... Sure no problem. And then when it's time for bed they are out cold!!!! Yup invest heavily in this amazing product!

BUY IT: Head over to Aromatic Health to pick up some amazing smelling products that not only good for you but the earth also!

Some to check out:
Children's cold & 'flu - 5ml $10
Tranquil Child - 5ml $14
Belly Butter - 60G $60
aloe bum spray - 120ml (No more disposable wipes) $ 14.00
Calendula Nursing Ointment - 30g $12
Botanical facial serum - 30Ml $23
Lip balm - Organic Orange 4G tube $4.00
Peppermint foot lotion - 150ml $17.00
Cold & Sinus - 5ml $10

Here we are enjoying our lovely gifts.

FCC Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review these are my opinions and experiences, I received products to try and to tell how I liked them. No monetary or any other form of compensation was given to me. I review products free of charge to give my experience and opinion.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I love this kind of stuff!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I went over and they have some nice things. I know I will buy the lip balm for sure, I always get some for the kids for Christmas and I'm always looking for natural products.

  3. Awesome! I love this kind of stuff. I think I'm gonna have to splurge a little :O)

  4. I love essential oils... they always smell so much better than fake stuff! Thanks for sharing (as always). Love the picture of the nekked boys in the tub... they look adorable and like they are having a great time!!


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