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Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh My A Day I'm having

Sorry not going to be around much today, it's a day of appointments!

I started work @ 5am, finished up around 7:30am to head to my 8:15 apt. You know after I got dressed, got Caden changed and Dressed too. Don't want to put to much on daddy! Try to walk out the door. Oh crap forgot to make Cole's lunch! Crap, run back in throw that together and oh yeah need to lay out Cole's clothes to because again too much for hubs in the am to deal with! LOL

Got to my appointment 5 minutes to spare! Then I sit and wait for 35 minutes!!!! Ok people I've worked in a doctors office for 7 years I know the drill people before you run late and everyone else is late, it's not always the docs fault. Well I've learned that you sch the 1st appointment. So when 2 people after me walk in and get taken right back, yup a little perturbed!

So as most you know I was laid off but now work from home for a different (WONDERFUL) company! So my dual insurance runs out tomorrow. So I scheduled an IUD for today, because I'm not planning any more kids and hello $25 a month for B/C is a lot! So I go in we talk we choose the 5 year one. Well after 2 failed attempts and 2 of the IUD's wasted (I'm sure my insurance will be calling me). She very sweetly tells me that my anatomy is not loving the IUD. Yup (TMI Moment) my uterus is is not positioned right. All I heard was after two kids is not right! Thankfully she is the sweetest doc ever! She called around and found another office that can do an implant in my arm that last 3 years! So not exactly what I need but it will do!

Then I run to the bank being the blonde I am I think ok transfer to checking and then pull out money. So what happens she pulls out all the savings and then gives me money from checking too. Thankfully I notice when I started to leave the parking lot. Go back redeposit the money that wasn't suppose to come out. Lord my account is going to be flagged I just know it!

Then go pay the past due property taxes before the end of the day and another amount will be added on! CRAP never trust a mortgage company that tells you at the signing oh yeah you do know your property taxes and insurance aren't included! WTF??? Try pulling together a grand every 6 months, yes I know I could save each month but really who's life is that perfect?

So after I go to the doctor this afternoon guess where I get to go! Oh yeah you know it the dentist, because that I won't have covered after tomorrow until Rick's work dental kicks in. And guess what I busted out a temporary fillng! So Monday I went there for an apt waited in the lobby 45 minutes before they came over to appologize, they take me back and wait another 20 minutes to talk to the doctor who gives me options of filling it and a LOT's of money or pull it. Oh crap it's the back tooth pull it. Well it's going to be another 1 to 2 hours!!!! REALLY crap, ok sch me for Friday! So today is the day for the tooth to be pulled.

Yeah 2 doctor visits, giving my blood to the property tax people and oh yeah add in the dentist! Are you kidding me???? So there it is girls my day! Be back hopefully tonight since I won't be able to talk maybe I can type?


  1. Oh my gosh only you Alexis poor thing!

  2. Dude! That's an awful lineup for a Friday! I suppose you could think that at least tomorrow is the weekend. And Halloween. I hope everything goes as well as it can!

  3. whew...oh my, THAT is some kind of day!!

    Time to chill...have a great rest of the day!

  4. 'Dad can only do so much' - I know that one!

    Yikes! What a day you had! I hope tomorrow is better!

  5. Oh my.... what a day! I hope tomorrow is better. I hope.

  6. This is a pretty crappy day! I must say that you got more accomplished in one day than some people can get accomplished in a week. lol

  7. I already had a headache and you just made it worse. You are lucky I won a price, missy, and you must love my little one, she is over here headbutting and making me laugh, so I forgive you for the headache. If you would like to borrow her, just make sure it is a time when I need date night. Wow. maybe I need some tylenol, totally random comment there. Have a better weekend!

  8. I'm tired just reading about it! Sheesh! Hope you remembered your SUPER WOMAN cape for all that!

  9. Hope you are having a nice evening, Alexis! You deserve it!

  10. The really really crappy thing is that a full day at the spa would have been cheaper. :(
    Hope tomorrow is better. :)

  11. The really really crappy thing is that a full day at the spa would have been cheaper. :(
    Hope tomorrow is better. :)

  12. Accckkk...what a day!

    Hopefully tomorrow is better :)

  13. You poor thing. How are you feeling. Try to rest up over the weekend. Happy Halloween.

  14. Ugh... I'm so sorry! At least you're able to get some of this done before the insurance runs out. You may be happy you didn't get the IUD... I had such horrible problems with it and had it removed less than a year later. Best thing I ever did!!!
    Hope you're feeling ok tonight!
    As for Rick... If you didn't do it and weren't there to do it, he'd HAVE to do it and find out it's really not that big a deal and he CAN help you! LEAVE IT NEXT TIME (says me!!). =)
    Much love!

  15. Holy cow woman you need an assistant. not so busy thanks goodness.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Oh my darlin........what a day....when does it stop????

  17. omg, that is entirely too much for one day!

    There is no way I would be disciplined enough to budget my property taxes out. I'm so glad it's bundled into my mortgage. I feel your pain over that one!

  18. MAN, what a sucky day... I sure hope your weekend was a lot better!
    Hope you weren't in too much pain. Glad you were able to get lots of stuff taken care of before losing your insurance (even your "not right" uterus). :-)
    Talk to you soon!!


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