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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ba Hum Bug … Christmas Cards

Do you do Christmas Cards?  I remember being young and loving to go the mailbox to around this season to see what cards came in.  Even better was when I moved out and getting a card in the mail was fantastic .. heck it wasn’t a bill who wouldn’t be thrilled.  Then the older the I get less cards I get … bummer!!!  Last year I told Rick ok I won’t mail to anyone who didn’t mail one back.

Well then came this year and what did I do I bought 80 photo cards, then bought my stamps.  Yes it came close to $100 but it brings me joy!  Then the wait each day the boys and I go to the box to see what cards we get, I’ve gotten Cole now all hyped about cards.  And sadly we go each day and no cards.  My sad little Christmas card holder is looking a little sad.  Cole even added one of our Christmas Cards, a thank you card from his classmates birthday gift and one of my friend accidently sent us two.   So we added some filler … lol

So do you send Cards?  Do you send a card if you get one?  Yes I will send one out if I receive one from someone who wasn’t on my original list.

My Card Tree with out filler


hehe looks a little better with filler


Merry Christmas even if I don’t get a card from you Smile. Just joking!


  1. An address would be nice :) I have one for you. One of my other FB friends asked me for mine and she was reading my mind!

    That is a cute card holder. My sis in law has one for photo ornaments. I would like on of those! Santa do you hear me!

  2. I don't send them. Pricilla sends one out with her soap orders....

  3. Of course I send cards!! If I had known your address I would have sent you one. I send to quite a few of my blogging friends, most go back over 6 years when I first started blogging. They are like family to me. A few of them I even exchange telephone calls with.

    Your cards will all start rolling in at the same time.

  4. I'm surprised at how many people don't send cards any more. I am late on getting mine out...I just sent them today. I usually have them done at Thanksgiving...or at least written and addressed by then. :)

    I only have gotten 2.

  5. Mine will be on its way this weekend!!!!!! I had to wait to buy stamps til I got paid lol. And like you, I've only received 3. Only 2 of them I cared about (smile). Those two are hanging up with tape. I don't have a cool holder like yours. I love sweet smith boys ;-). The "other" is still on the floor of my car :)

  6. Argh!!!!! Darn auto correct. That was suppose to be sweet SMILING boys

  7. I sent some last year, and I bought some this year, but I haven't sent any, and I know I won't. Bad girl!

  8. I usually send to a small group so it doesn't get to be a huge task. I was so excited to send out our first photo card with the baby on it this year! It's strange because we've only gotten 3 in the mail so far. Either everyone is late or a lot of people aren't doing them this year...

  9. I sent around 40 last year, but only bought 25 this year, so I guess I'm going to have to cut back.

    It seems like we're getting less cards than we used to as well. I think people are getting too busy to send them or maybe they don't want the extra cost?

  10. Mine to you was mailed this morning! I do send cards. I have a few this year that I haven't sent to. I didn't make my list last year of who I got cards from. So just in case I have some New Year cards I will send to those I didn't get out!!!

  11. I think I've sent a couple to you in the past. I sent out a bunch already this year but am still waiting to get the rest that I ordered. At this rate, I won't get them by Christmas. It seems people don't send out Christmas cards like they used to.

  12. I love your card tree, too cute. I am behind this year as everything has been so hectic. But my cards are ready to hit the mail today!


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