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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have a S’Moretstastic Day

Yet again it has been crazy around here I can barely breath or sit down just for myself.  I do have my gift jars up but haven’t had a chance to download the photos and put them together.  So we go to something fun I did.  My friend Debby posted about making this little s’more bags and told me it was on her pinterest site.  So I hoped over there and found them and thought what a fun project to do with the kids.  I even found one to make for Cole’s teacher!
I found this easy S’more Teacher Appreciation gift to make for Cole’s teacher.  A free printable label is there also!


S'More Teacher Appreciation Gift

Dessert, S'More, Teacher Gift

See S'More Teacher Appreciation Gift on Key Ingredient.

Then I made this S’more gift for our friends, it has the link for a free printable also.


S'Moretastic Gift Bag

Dessert, S'More, Gift Bag, Holiday Gift

See S'Moretastic Gift Bag on Key Ingredient.

Crazy times here we don’t have anything go on tonight so I hope to clean up hurricane Alexis in the kitchen. And maybe lay down I now have a stupid headcold again! UGH
So what are your plans tonight?  And more special treats to make?


  1. Ack I hope you feel better. These are super cute. I'm off to Office Depot for g/c for the teachers.

  2. great treat.. I still have to make chocolate chip cookies, wash some clothes.. Then maybe put my feet up.. Have a great day poser..

  3. very cute I believe they will be big hits come see me at

  4. What a cute idea with the Smore bags.

    I hope you feel better really soon.

    I am through goodie making. I delivered to my neighbors today.

  5. Super cute! I feel like I still have so much to do but I know somehow it will all come together.

  6. Do you have a special printer to print those labels out on? They are so cute. I make the s'mores for the children at bowling and Amber made them for all the girls where she works. It's such a cute gift.

  7. I don't usually think of things for my kids' teachers, but those S'mores are adorable!!

  8. Very cute! Easy for the kids to help with too.

    Hope you're feeling better in time for the holiday! And wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season! : )

  9. Hope you're better before the big day. We opened presents today and I'm thinking about taking the tree down. (Bah Humbug!)


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