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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chained to my desk ...

Really this is me, I wiggled out of it for a breif post
This is so me, sticky notes and all!
I only have a minute I snuck away and must return before the guards see that I'm missing ... LOL. Ok I may be a little over dramatic but really I swear I was chained to my desk today. My office door was closed and anytime I stepped out I swear someone was there at that exact moment to shake their head at me. I'm very proud to say I completed one proposal and have another one almost done. When I say my blood sweat and tears went into I'm serious! There may have been a few times tears came out, and I guess no sweat since it was so flippin cold in my office I had my space heater blaring. Which as a side note didn't blow a fuse which use to all the time in the old office. Once it even took out a few lights, that might have been the reason why I was banned from them ... nah!

After promising over and over that I will come in early tomorrow I was able to leave on time to make it on time to Cole's concert. I was unable to get there early to get him dressed and feed. Thank my blessings that I have an amazing preschool, Ms. Janet is a Rock Star took Cole's clothing this morning. So when I arrived she had him dressed and even had made a sandwich to eat. She and the whole staff is amazing!

The Christmas Concert was so sweet! They are the cutest things I've ever seen singing and doing all the hand motions. Thankfully I had an blank tape, since of course not even 2 minutes into it the one in the camera died ... ugh. Oh yeah so I took the camera out, guess what I forgot? Yup the memory card, at home in the computer the perfect place for it! So thanks to my husband (yes Rick I know it was you) put an extra blank tape in the camera case, can I say I love him enough? He saved the day, to bad he was 5 minutes late and the guard lady at the door didn't let him in. Well see the tape will come in handy for him and dad who missed it also. Mom was able to make it and she brought cupcakes (thanks mom just what I need in the house, mini cupcakes ... ugh). Maybe a glass of wine or two or three tonight, oh wait I think I hear them I must go bed to return to my desk in the early AM before they miss me. It's almost Friday right?

*Knock on wood, I'm blessed I have a job! Thank you lord it's just a bad week, I really do appreciate all I have. Sticky floors and all ... ugh add that to the list!

I got this in an email today, I so feel like this!
It said "Is it Friday, Yet?"

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