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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We must be in Kansas ...

Toto did you come into my house last night and fly my house to Kansas? Last time I checked I live in Washington State. So why is that we are getting inches of snow for days in a row? I'm not sure what happened this front yard looks like mine just whiter! Looks like day 2 of no school for the boys. Oh joy everyone is going to be so happy, really that is sarcasm. I can't say it enough this Christian School we have Cole in is amazing, even though school is closed the daycare is open! Oh yeah that is what I call amazing service and always with a smile. Roy on the other hand will have to go to my babysitter "Grandma Pat". Grandma Pat has taken care of boy my boys since they were just weeks old. She reminds me of my Grandmother that passed a few years ago, very nice and VERY German. No messing around with her she's a straight shooter, so all the problems that Roy gives up he is in for a rude awakening of what life would have been like. You know since he was suppose to live there, but since I signed up for the program he came here instead.

So here is how are snow week has been, really I like snow just up in the mountains where I can see in on TV not in my everyday life :).

Monday 2 hour delay, but of course Cole's daycare was open (again that place rocks). Rick was to take Roy to school for me so I could get to work a little late but after the roads had been traveled on. I got the boys ready and dropped them off at their locations, 2 drop off is so nice! Well I guess Roy didn't appreciate me leaving early so he took his alarm clock and went into our room to wake Rick. Anyone new to this blog, my dear husband is so NOT a morning person. I avoid waking him at all cost, because I don't want to loose a limb. Now add in the non morning person with shoving an alarm clock in his face and THEN pushing the alarm button to make it go off in his ear. May not be your best idea, I'm just happy no blood was shed. Really who does that? I mean he told him school would be late and he'd be taking him, he didn't like this told Rick he was lying?? Then to make his point brought in the alarm clock, oh geez!

Tuesday open house day just flurries, yeah!

Wednesday Roy's school closed, of course Cole's daycare open. So a day with Grandma Pat, which when I went to pick him and Caden up looked like a War of the Worlds went down. Grandma of course won the battle, I think I need to take lessons. When we got in the car I asked him about his day, he actually ignored me and gave me the silent treatment. Finally I pulled the car over and was like are you ignoring me! That took 2 times before I got a reply, oh geez really? So I guess we didn't have fun, did I forget that everyone is suppose to revolve around us ... so not happening.

And we get to today, yet again no school for Roy and Cole's daycare is open. Oh joy Grandma is going to be so excited when I walk in the door. I think I'll wait a little longer to let the roads dethaw. Hmmm only if that worked on people. I think I'm past the dethaw process.

Yes I know I may be overreacting just a little it really isn't that much snow, but still! Yup so not a snow girl or anything that has to do with snow. Just ask Christina, who took me skiing and I actually rode back down the mountain on a very nice guide guy (hey double bonus he was cute).

This is what I saw when I opened the door today, oh yeah more snow!

The boys playing in the snow. Me taking the pictures from inside!

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