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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love Love my PreLit Christmas Tree

So last year I FINALLY talked Rick into getting me the prelit tree. Of course we had to wait until after Christmas so the tree would be 50% but still I would have it for this year! It was super GREAT coming home and it took Rick less then 10 minutes to put the tree up, now decorated took a little longer but still no stringing lights. I was so excited think ok no more lights to string on trees. Except I forgot the most important thing, I gave me old tree to work. Yup you guessed right this morning I spent hanging lights. I know Jana is giggling right now because no matter what a pain hanging the lights is I still love putting up the tree. Sorry I forgot to take a picture, just imagine my tree except with white and gold color scheme. It took forever to string those lights, I really miss having a hand on the other side to hand the string to. Instead I had to hop over the plug in, and I only tripped 2 ok maybe 5 times. I'm blaming it on my new pants that are a little long with out my shoes on, hey who decorates a tree where heels ... not this girl!

I was thinking that this has to be the worst part of my day, just an ache in my back. Turns out I was going to get a ache in my rear side also. When doing a project make sure to read the whole thing, do not do like I do skim to the part with what criteria you need. I was putting a proposal together and just followed this, I saw the part that said descriptions but who need descriptions of simple questions like this. Well come to find out I need those descriptions since it tells you in detail what they want. Ugh ... I guess bright side is the proposal not due until Friday, but still it doesn't look good for my work I've done so far! Oh geez time to slow down and make sure I'm doing it all right.

Hopefully what I've done to help fix the problem will be enough to get me out of the dog house, but for some reason I think I'll be there for some time. Geez talk about to much going on lately, first we had the move plus the proposal I had to put together in the middle of that. Moving stuff in and trying to just get to feel like everything is back to where it is suppose to be. Not to mention covering the phones during times that our receptionist had to take off and during her unpacking faze also. And last but not least the kids and me being sick, oh yeah it's been a fun few weeks and it's totally my fault that I didn't read the thing all the way. Fingers crossed it's just a lesson learned (that I will NEVER forget) and not the lead to something bad. Just what I need in this bad economy. All can do is give my best and hope that is enough.

Enough sad things, we're watching Horton Hears a Who, how can I be sad watching that? Plus it has to be a good day, I won a pair KEEN shoes on Scribbit Blog. I love her blog, plus she has amazing giveaways. I so would love to do that, if anyone knows how to get started doing that let me know ;). Pictures of my new shoes when they arrive.


  1. I just laugh and laugh when I read your blog...i just had to tell you that! Thank you for your kind words! I hope that doesn't sound wooden because I really meant it with all my heart. I love reading your blog. Sometimes I get behind in my blog reading but I always make sure I catch up with yours! I swear you could write a book lol. Hmm, maybe you should!

  2. It's the laughter thru the tears that gets me by each day ... LOL.

    From one mom to another we need to stick together especially when times are tough. I'm so happy that you enjoy it, I love that people read it. I really love your blog too, it's always mouth watering!

    I would love to, you run across any offers pass them my way!

    Blessing to you and the family! Alexis :)


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