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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pulled in Every Direction ...

I found some great cartoons of how I felt today! Thankfully I still have a job and I think we got most of the proposal done. Between running around meeting in between meetings to finish this project up and answer the phones (which kept ring and getting me off track). No wonder I haven't finished my own work I've been catching the phones for the last few weeks. I'm so bad it takes me forever to get my mind back into what I was doing. As soon as I'm back into it the darn thing rings again ... UGH. I so DON'T miss being a receptionist, well I guess if that was my only job then it would be too bad but trying to do my job and that job is a little frustrating. Especially when I get my butt in a sling for not completing my job. Oh boy ok I have my mind now back on track, well as much as a mom of 2 +1 can be. You know between working full time, plus part time, cooking, cleaning, shopping and oh yeah school functions. Speaking of wish I need to iron Cole's Clothes for his concert tomorrow night. Yup it's GREAT being a mom, the lowest paid job except you do get paid with hugs and the occasional kiss. Oh the great comment "Mom you butt is HUGE, mine is small" oh yeah thanks Cole. I guess I really need to go on a diet, geez!

So do you think running around like your head's cut off can burn enough calories in a few pieces of chocolate? Ok it might have been a little more then that, but hey I missed breakfast and I eat when I'm stressed. Is it ok to be jealous of your best friend who is going to be working out 4 times a week like you use to, but now have no time between picking up and dropping off 3 kids each day? LOL oh the joys of being a busy mom, I can't wait for nice weather again we'll be walking each day at a park. And if I hear I'm bored someone will be sitting in the car! Ok enough rant I think I maybe be going over the deep in or at least putting my head in the freezer looking for that tub of ice cream I know I hid in there ha-ha!

Ok I'm not really political, but this is the only cartoon pic I could find of being pulled into every direction. Yup this is how I felt today!

This is me almost everyday!
What will be the way the sign swings today?
Oh yeah that is so me, red bow and all ... ha-ha

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