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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life back to normal

Sick kids, 4 kids to pick up, cleaning lady is back and doors being shut. Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go! This week we're back to coughing and peeing the bed. Man I had a full week of good nights, one night at my parents house and we're back to wetting the bed ... Ugh! Positive points that I'm trying to look onto is that Tarra and Khari are back to our nightly routine. Which is PERFECT for me since I get help making dinner, Cole's lunch and don't forget bath time! Oh boy how I've missed help with bath time. Not that Cole really needed much help before, but when Auntie and Khari are part of tub time I get a chance to clean up and make everything ready for the next day! And the best part of today is the cleaning lady came over, yup I'm jumping for joy and I'm super excited to be blogging in a clean house and I didn't have to do it! Worth Every Penny!
Today started with coughing and wet pants, which lead to going to pick Cole up who then took a nap at school and I helped out wrapping presents for the Santa's Shop. Now you all know the mom that is involved in EVER thing in school, she usually is the one that takes over and at times can be a LITTLE bossy. Yup I got the chance to hang with her today, but after a quick snap of me and letting her know too many hands is not helping me wrap we headed in the right directions. I have learned that sometimes it takes a bark to make the alpha step away, and you got the right girl for that. Now when it come to wrapping presents I'm a little nuts (Jana is laughing at this right now, she works with me and knows). I don't know what happens to me but you put a present in front of me and I have to wrap it nice. Like every year I wrap the gifts for our Christmas party, it's my favorite thing to do if you really want to know. And I LOVE double stick tape I use it so you don't see tape lines (see I told you I'm nuts). So when they put me at a table with wrapping duties and pass me paper bags, a stapler (yes a stapler) and tape guess what I did? You got it I opened up the bags down the seams and wrapped them like real presents. Hey nothing says you have to have crappy looking presents, yes most of the things the kids are buying look like something from the dollar store, and you know how I feel about useless crap sorry I know that sounds bad but I really not a collector of things. I guess growing up with a grandma that collected dolls and then when she passed away trying to sale and most cases give them away really stuck with me. So yes I wrapped the presents which didn't make Alpha too happy but who cares these kids deserve nice looking gifts to put under the tree. I almost wish I could take off the next two days to do that, YES I know I'm nuts!
So I guess I need to get back to the point of my life, yup I know that is what you tune in for. :) Well I guess life is back to normal. I'm ready for Christmas all the presents are wrapped and under the tree, just need stocking stuffers and we're done. Ok I do have a question that has been eating at me for a few weeks. For those of you new to my blog back in September we took in a student from Korea. I thought this would be a great learning experience for the boys, we would have a long friendship the boys can Cherish for a life time along with helping him out we get a little help financially (which is not really anything but every little bit helps). It sounded like a perfect plan to help all involved. As anything new we've had some ups and downs, as you can imagine it's hard for all involved and a drastic change. We're making thru it and just excepting things like me being ignored and treated as a 2nd class citizen. But back on track of what has been eating at me. With Christmas just around the corner I'm torn on what to do. I would love any feedback you may offer me. We don't have a lot but I've saved up to make sure the boys have a nice Christmas with fun stuff under the tree. I didn't want our guest to feel left out so I picked up a few gifts for him and plan on doing a stocking also. What has been getting me is he keeps hinting and asking Rick about where are all his gifts. I sat him down and let him know that have his parents send his gifts here so he can open them up with us and I let him know that I have 3 presents under there for him. My talk didn't seem to even sink in since when I talk to him it's like talking to a teenager who's looking for something else in the room and you're just a bee buzzing around them. I really don't have the money to go buy him lot's of gifts, but I also don't want to sound rude but our responsibility is for housing and food. I've gone over and beyond with all the field trips we take on the weekends and pay for a lot of those things that it says that he's suppose to. Do I just let it go or do I talk to him again? Or am I'm just being out in left field and should try to figure out a way to get more gifts, which I'm not sure were I would get the money for. Ugh ... who knew life could get this complicated?
One more tickler I'll throw out there as you most know I love Cake Wrecks Blog, I was thinking it would be kind of fun to have a blog about Cupcake Cakes the good the bad and the ugly. What do you think?


  1. Ok comment on the whole present thing is you have already gotten him THREE presents that you WERE NOT required to and he is trying to manipulate you into getting him more stuff. From what I have read so far he is always trying to be the one on control and constantly pushing the boundaries with you. DO NOT GET HIM ANYMORE PRESENTS. You are right, it is up to HIS parents, and I would assume they do not celebrate Christmas. What you have done is more than enough in my opinion. My parents have had many exchange students over the years and they each have only gotten ONE gift. He hasn't tried to fit in as being part of the family even though you have always included him in your activities, so if I were you I wouldn't feel obligated to do anything more than what you already have done. I don't think it is being nasty, but why should you reward his negative attitude and behavior? It's not like he makes any effort to abide by your rules. Just my thoughts. Love ya girl!


  2. Thank you Lauren I really appreciate the comment! I always try so hard and then overthink everything. I didn't want to seem rude but I also like you said don't want to reward bad behavior along with go over and beyond what my budget is allowing. Thanks for letting me know about your parents it helps to know what others in my situation have done. I feel so much better! Big Hugs, see you Sunday! Alexis :)

  3. You're right I was laughing. I can't believe that Roy is asking for more after all you do.


  4. Thanks Jana I knew I could get a laugh out of you :). I know I'm crazy about wrapping gifts, we'll just call it OCD ... LOL.

    I was able to copy most of your comment from Myspace before the silly thing deleted it. Ugh ... sometimes I really can't stand myspace.

    I know how you said some kids get nothing and here he is getting so much. I really don't understand at all! I've tried so hard to accomidating but it just doesn't seem to even make a dent :(


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