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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Needing some Holiday Spirit?

Well I'm sad to say I'm the wrong girl for the job. It seems that ever time I get behind the wheel all the crazies come out, oh shhh it's so not me. Really people have lost the holiday spirit if it's just a simple wave to say thank you for letting me walk across this parking lot, you know even though I decided the cross walk only 5 feet up wasn't good enough for me and that your driving on a sheet of ice and stopping on the quick since I dogged between those parked cars. Sure no worries mouthing thank you was too much to ask for, even a nod would be nice but I guess with the cold weather your head might break off if you nod. Then you have the people that zoom out in front of you, who cares yet again we're driving on 3 inches of ice I'll break just for you. NO worries you don't have to wave either of care when my car wobbles back and front as you continue forward! Ugh!

Really it's like this time of year people turn off the common niceties (even the small amount we get the rest of the year) and put their head down and act like everyone is a batter ram around them! I had the great idea to pick up my pictures on Friday, mind you at the mall which I usually avoid at all cost during this season. Parking was nuts since you can't see the lines so everyone is parked ever which way. Then you have the yo-yo that are driving acting like battering rams also. You stand on the side being the nice person that waits and they zoom by like not snowing. Hmmm maybe that is why the yoyo's are walking in front of cars, but still it doesn't give a pass on waving or saying thank you. 20 minutes of a hike you make it into the mall just to have the person in front of you slam the door in your face, since holding the door for the person behind you is too much to ask. Mind you the entrance you go in has double doors, so joy it slams on you twice! Being the nice person that I am I say "Thank you" in the nicest clenched teeth voice I could muster. Head to the portrait place to be ignored for 10 minutes, since I'm in such a generous mood I get suckered into another $20.

Fight my way back out to the car, to slip and almost fall but thanks to the lovely parked car in the middle of the road that caught my fall. See I guess it was there for a reason. My second brilliant idea was to tell a lady at work I would drop off a package to Fed-Ex/Kinkos. Which is on the other side of the mall in a packed plaza. Oh joy I get to play frogger to make it to the other side. Really have I lost my mind? Since I'm there I stop next door at the dollar store for wrapping paper. Back in the car where I try to back out which was to much for a car who decided zooming past me and making me slam on my breaks. Slide some more and make it out to the main drag. Oh joy I can't wait for the snow and people to go back to normal! Oh geez I use to love this time of the year, what has happened?

Today I got the pleasure of meeting a lady who told me X-Rays killed her thyroid and her teeth. And another one who lost her hearing aids and wanted my home number so we could keep in touch. Yup I attract all the crazies, I guess maybe I should think what that says about me. But instead I think I'll whip up a batch Hot Buttered Rum drinks and try to cheer myself back into the Christmas Mood. Oh Joy Spongebob Christmas Special is on, yup that will do the trick. If not I'm sure one station has to have "It's a Wonderful Life" and if that doesn't work I'm busting out "The Christmas Story" DVD!

No more Bahumbugs!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love the look of your blog, it must have been professionally designed. It looks like a beautiful scrapbook. I love it!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. Super sweet blog also, love all the pictures! I found it off a free website, I love scrapbooking (well I did before kids) and it just called to me.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family also :).


  4. Thanks Lori, I think that is a GREAT idea! I LOVE that movie and I bet the boys might even sit down for 3/4 of that one. You know since sitting for a full movie is just too much to ask for!

    Love your blog, I'm so going to use the "Mug Shot" idea. Perfect for the teachers.

  5. I totally agree...people are just so frickin rude this time of year.
    Just so you favorite thing to say around this time of year is "Thank you Merry Christmas" and it drives people nuts. Some look at me like I'm wierd or something....sad huh? And WOW....I hate the Mall!!!!

    Merry Christmas my friend,
    Hugs, Vanessa

  6. I know girl, what is it with people. I think that is an amazing saying I'm so going to use it. People I think need a little wake up call that being rude is not acceptable.

    Thanks my dear friend, have a wonderful Holiday!


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