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Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ... Oh wait I got one (I'm really starting to not like that song)

You know the song I'm dreaming of a white Christmas? Well I've been dreaming for a "GREEN" Christmas you know one that I can see the grass and road instead of all this snow. Well no such luck! The boys of course loved to be able to see all the snow and I guess it was a nice way to have Christmas, that is if your staying home!

So far , I don't know for like the last 7 years we've had Christmas at my house, especially since having the boys it's just easier. Well the weekend before while some pleasantries my mom drops the bomb that they are having Christmas elsewhere. My mom's uncle isn't doing so well and the family really wanted to have Christmas together. Well in a calm state of mind and a normal person would be that's very nice. Since it was like a drive by on me I got really upset, not the part about spending time with family just not having Christmas here. After a nervous break down call to Rick, who called mom they worked out a deal. Presents here in AM and dinner there, which worked out great in theory. That is until the snow storm started and hasn't let up.

Yesterday started with a wake up call around 6am when our exchange student did his early morning stomp down the hall to the bathroom. Slamming of the door and then loud banging in there. This usually starts if he gets up before we do and wants or I guess needs something. 6am is just a little to early so I try to catch a few more z's with no such luck, finally just give up at 7am. To only have the banging and drawers start slamming, before I can rush in there with a very stern look and waring the boys wake up. GREAT I was hoping they would sleep for a bit longer, but no such luck. I keep the house quiet until 8:30am when I go wake up cranky Rick to watch present wrapping.

A quick hour of unwrapping all those hours of wrapping the gifts and everyone is happy. Well that is almost everyone, our exchange student was not happy not sure if it was he didn't get a lot of presents or what. But the straw that broke my back was well two things. First thing my MIL crocheted a very nice zipper jacket for him, which he threw over to the side with out even unfolding it. When I asked him if he liked it he huffed at me, which I said wasn't very nice and he should appreciate that people thought of him. I asked him to try it on and was ignored, after 3 attempts he finally got it on and wouldn't smile, oh geez! Second thing was Rick went and picked up gifts for the boys. He got the two older ones and my dad VERY nice and expensive wallets. Our exchange student's wallet was a special one that would fit his passport. He did the same thing opened it and threw it to the side. When I asked him if he liked it he said "No", I was completely shocked that he could be so unappreciative of a gift. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with all the problems with respect we've had with him, but that was really a shocker. Again I told him that he should appreciate getting gifts. He didn't even say thank you for the DVD's I bought him and the stocking stuffers. I got him so cool math work books, since he loves math. He actually looked at me said "these are for me?" like I gave him a bag of poop, maybe I should have ... LOL

What a wonderful way to start the holiday! After that wonderful experience we hopped in the car to head to our destination. Our 45 min maybe 1hr 15min (with snow) drive took us 2 and 1/2 hours. Now the snow had maybe a little to do with that but I'd say for a good hour we were lost going up and down streets. You know stopping for directions or I have a clue calling the people to find out where they live would help. So Rick and I followed my dad like lost puppies, now I know when Mom says that Dad could get lost in a paper bag is so the case. The funny thing is Dad has a GPS in his car, this time he took Mom's. Yup we're a regular traveling comic act! Just get this mental picture of us doing U-turns in 7 - 10 inches of snow and oh yeah ice under there! It's ok you can shake your head and laugh!

Some pictures to make you smile :)
Caden showing off the hood! Cole and Caden in their new sweaters.
Thank you Grandma, we appreciate them.
The Sausage Breakfast Casserole is done! Yummy!
And when it started to look bad. Yes before this it was good ... Ha-Ha
Now it's snowing a little harder! Big flakes and they're sticking!!
It's beautiful, for a post card.
Again another pretty picture for a painting. Not for my drive!
I think this is around the 6 turn around attempt. We're getting loopy!
Yup we're gone to the loony bin. Turn around # 11 (I gave up count after that)
Doesn't my hair look cute in this one ... LOL I couldn't help it.
Look we made it! And now it's time for mom to test out the Wii Fit!
P.S. She rocked the Hula Hoop!

And for your viewing pleasure, I saw this video and died laughing. This so feels like my last few mornings. Thankfully Rick scrapes my car, but just how things have been going!



  2. Wow! I'm glad you survived to write about that. The boys are darling in those beautiful sweaters!

    Can you exchange the student after Christmas? Maybe get a puppy?

  3. I guess the grass is always greener!! I would love some snow!

  4. The hula hoop will be my next triumph. If I were you I would exchange that exchange student. I'd exchange him right out the window!!

  5. I popped over from Blicky Kitty's blog - glad I did. The video is a scream. 'course it's easy for me to laugh, I'm in Florida. Cute family pictures!

  6. Having an exchange student was to help the boys with sharing, giving to others and opening them up to a different culture. What we got was a totally different story. It's so sad that he can be so ungrateful and unappreciative to everything we do.

    Well on the positive side the snow is melting and we're off to ZooLights, I'm sure i'll have lot's of fun pictures to show off!

  7. Oh man. SO very different than here. 78 yesterday, 74 today. Yucky Texas weather.

    I got a Wii Fit but haven't had much of a chance to test it out. My kids won't stop playing Carnival Games!!

  8. It sounds like you survived Christmas in one piece, snow and all! It seemed like every other place in the continental US got snow on Christmas except here. Your boys are cuties! Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;)

  9. Oh no the exchange student did what??? You needed to vent girlie...and I need to borrow that Wii game for a while...seriously I need to shake my hips around :) Hope you got something of your own to un-wrap!

  10. I'm with Kathy- exchange teh exchange student.... I'm glad the snow is melting.

    My husband says going anywhere with me is like a goose chase because I'm never quite sure where te destination is.

  11. First of all, THANK you for visiting my blog and "following" it, I am sure to lead you astray.LOL! I did not think anyone would read it Your kind words brought a tear to my eyes. I must be going through an early menopause with all these emotions! ;-) I am not sure how I found your blog, but it is hysterical and I am enjoying it immensely.

    Where is your exchange student from? My brother is on his 4th student and all of them have been absolute dolls! He has had one from Mexico, Poland, Russia and now Denmark. My brother lives in Louisiana but visits with his students up here in Ohio every year.

  12. Hilarious video!

    Arkansas BETTER get some snow this winter!!

  13. I so wish the Wii Fit was mine, I wish we even had the Wii. But no such luck so far! Do you think you could use it as a write off? You know a healthier you means less health insurance? :) Well it was worth a shot.

    Thanks so much girls for all the positive feedback, for the longest time I thought it was me. But then more and more people noticed his behavior. Well I guess one more trial of fire won't hurt right?

  14. You know, I almost missed the white snow from my days growing up in Ohio. Then I watched the YouTube clip... now, not so much.

  15. That sausage cassserole looks yummo! Can you bring some over here??
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    That purse is so cute! And I love the gingerbread houses...

  17. Thanks for stopping by girls, yup the snow is almost gone and I'm doing the happy dance.

    The casserole is one of my favorites and super easy since you make it the night before.

    As for the purse and gingerbread I think I'll just stick with the purse since the gingerbread smells good but wont look so good on my hips.


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