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Saturday, December 13, 2008

How the story goes ...

As some of you are aware I've been working crazy the past few days to get two proposals out the door. Usually this isn't a too terribly hard thing to do, but add in two bosses giving you info on it can make it a little crazy. So I'm calm now and can talk about Friday, well I guess Calm is not the word let's go with its Saturday I've had an over dose of coffee and been with the kids all day I think the craziness of them is making Friday look better.

So here it goes Friday by the grace of God and surprising very little begging Rick took all the boys to their destinations for me. I was then able to get to work an hour early which in my world is a HUGE thing. Shortly after getting there was able to meet with one of the bosses and get her project done, finally around 12:30 I was ready to print and go. Thanks to Jana I was able to get a quick bite to eat for lunch (the one and only time I actually left my chair that morning). Back to the office (less then 5 minutes) and on to the next project I was making great time only had a few waiting periods on the other boss. It was looking great UNTIL we had to do some last minute changes (never fails) and the program reverted to a marked up version. So with less then 10 minutes to go I'm typing as fast as I can with 2 people lurking over me, which mind you messes up more then usual. I swear my heart was pounding so fast I thought it might leap out of my body and race to a safe and dark place where it could curl up and maybe rock back and forth. So at 4pm I press send hoping that it got to the person at the 4pm deadline and not 4:01pm ugh!

Now comes the part which is making me freak out and hope that when I come in Monday I still have a job. The two bosses went into a closed door meeting as soon as we were done, yup talk about wanting to swing open a door and plead my case. Instead I packed up for the day and stalk home. I guess I need to be prepared, I take 70% of the blame why this was a rush this time around. I just wish that when one of the bosses told me they would work on their end Tuesday and have it to me Wednesday instead of the Thursday when I got the mark-ups it may have gone much smoother. Hey I guess if I wasn't covering the phones a few of those days that could have helped too. But over all it's my fault with the whole tumor scare, and the moving of the office I lost focus and hopefully I won't pay the price of my job. If only my killer humor and smile could get me out of this one, how I miss those days in school. College a low cut blouse could do the job ... LOL just playing. Well with the lesbian teacher that asked me out they may have worked if I swung that way.

Sorry the humor has dried up today, it will be back tomorrow! I know I'll land on my feet I always do, it's just a tough economy now and it would really suck to have to find a new job. Fingers crossed for me.

If they could this would be the chair I would have worked from. Optimal use of space and easy to chain me to. LOL


  1. hello from SITS! Love the blog header!

  2. Thanks Cammie for checking me out. I love yours too what a cute pic of the kids! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, sounds like it!


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