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Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm such a proud mom to say that Caden's 1st Birthday Cake the craziest Monkey I've ever seen, was first featured on Cake Wrecks first seen HERE Is now a T-Shirt Click HERE . I can't get over it that is the coolest thing I've ever seen and people are actually going to buy it and wear it! I think I need to send a hint to Rick that I want one for Christmas. Wouldn't this be the coolest thing to frame. I know more therapy lessons, but hey that is cool to have your cake that famous. Keep your fingers crossed we make it into the book, she's putting together!

Just a quick update, more to come tonight! That is if I get done making my award winning cookies, you know it Jana you're going down. The Shengie is mine! Ok for the rest of you who are like WTF. Our work is having it's 3rd Annual Bake Off, the winner gets a roller pin with their name on it and their name on the plaque on the wall. Mostly just the bragging rights that your cookie was the best. This year we're having it the night of our open house, so LOTS of people will get to vote. Fingers crossed I win, I've been researching for the last year for the perfect recipe. I've narrowed it down to 2, let's see if they both make it into the ring or just one. So Jana you step off, I'll be posting a picture of me holding my Shengie Award here soon ... LOL. Yup a little competition sends me over the deep end. It's going to be a rough week waiting for the results to be announced at our Christmas Party (Christmas Eve). Don't feel sorry for Jana she already sent me an email saying she's going to kick my butt! Your on sister!

The Cake that started it all!



  1. LOL! This is great! Though you have to wonder....if you go out in public...they are going to be asking...why do you have a bizzare cake on your shirt? On the flip side you can chuckle to yourself and say HA! I KNOW! What if you start seeing people like Paris Hilton wear it? JUST THINK!

  2. OMG I just got giddy like a teenager, could you imagine? Caden's cake could be featured on TMZ ... LOL. That is too funny, yeah I doubt I would ever wear it out in public. Proudly frame it though!


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