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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How do you deal with stress?

Me I usually at work buckle down and come out with my best stuff, but then I go home and stress eat. So being stressed this weekend I looked thru the cupboards and the freezer, after the sixth time thinking that the desert fairy would visit me I gave up. That and I was too lazy to make some cookie dough that was also sounding very yummy but with a broken mixer (thanks to thanksgiving mash potatoes) that would require hand mixing which my weak upper body strength wasn't up to. So I decided for the next best thing ... cleaning! I want totally OCD and arranged my closet by color, did the same with the socks and started on the rest of the house. 2 and 1/2 hours later I'm frustrated and going back to the cupboards and freezer wishing that something would miraculously appear. No such luck so I get everyone dressed and figure a little grocery shopping will get my mind off it, yeah spending money is a great time when your worried about your job ... logic isn't working, didn't you just read I opened up the freezer 7 times hoping something appeared. Apparently my head isn't thinking on all it's cells.
Shopping did oh so much good, well until I got home and then had to make dinner and no adult conversation. Oh how I miss Rick home to talk to, silly Christmas shopping store hours make our schedules crazy. So I put the kids to bed grab a glass of wine (yup still using the regular glasses so ok it's like 2 full glasses) and grabbed my pedi-egg. Again mixing wine with this sharp object probably isn't the best idea but hello do I need to say it again about my thinking? I gave up shortly on that and cut the toenails, yes another sharp object with wine. Hey the kids were asleep and I wasn't going anywhere, well hopefully not hurting myself and needing to go to the ER. Happy to say I have all 9 ... I mean 10 toes still :).
I was so wired that I stayed up and did the night shift for the call center, finished up around 1:30am and agreed to do a 7am to 11am shift (yet again, filling the time). So 5 hours of sleep and an easy shift 2 hours and only 2 calls, yet both times the phone rang Caden decided to have freak outs. Poor people got to hear me trying to keep him quiet, oh joy! One great thing is I had the chance to talk with a great person on the IM, so it made the 2 hours of no calls go by really quick. I finished up and have all kids standing there looking at me like there were about to die of hungry. So make up some french toast, thankfully I made bread earlier this week and by shear luck I bought syrup yesterday and some sausages that looked like just a little frost bitten ... LOL.
Today it lightly dusted in the morning so I sent the boys outside (don't shake your head just the two oldest ones, with warm coats). Then I got the brilliant idea to drive to the store and the bank to get some cash, well during the few hours the snow came down like crazy. Well on the way home a car stopped abruptly and with some lovely skidding and quick turning we barely missed him, thankfully the car behind me was able to hop the curb and avoid me (thanks to you). I got home made some yummy chicken enchiladas (the chicken you cook in beer, oh shush I barely drink and the alcohol burns off just make the chicken tender) and got my lazy butt to make some surprise bars (oh shhs again I'm going to take them to Grandma Pat's tomorrow, that is if I don't eat them all tonight). That is my wonderful weekend in a nutshell, it's crazy but I think I'll stay on the train for a while longer. I'll keep you posted how tomorrow goes, ugh. That is if I can get out of my driveway, the snow is not looking so good and the ice is nasty.


  1. I bake and bake and bake! and I play world of warcraft. it helps to kill things!

  2. Christine I'm so going to have to check that game out. Shooting a few things might just do the trick. LOL

    Baking is also a good thing, but then I must eat it and then the stopping thing is where I go wrong. Now if I could whip up items like you I might be in a whole different league. :)


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