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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And the award goes to ...

Today was the Office Christmas Party where the award for the Bake Off would be awarded. The coveted "Shengie" is on the 3rd year of being awarded. After a quick meal, I pass over the rolling pin that has been engraved on and sealed in a Manila envelope. As I pass the envelope I practice in my head the Oscar winning face that you give when you didn't win. The principal announcing the name and it takes a moment for it to click:
Yup you guessed it's me:
Wait that picture doesn't look right!

Now that is better! Really I'm smiling behind the award!

(Smiling with my eyes, TY Tyra Banks)

My gift only got stolen 4 times at the party and a guy with a cool workshop light got stolen 5 times, darn I just missed it (guess you can win them all, ok that sounds nice but doesn't make it any easier). The stolen price was a VERY cool Nano, dang! So the party was a hit, it was super fun being the MC for the gift exchange.

I picked the boys up and got to work cleaning the house. Mom and Dad are stopping by tomorrow before we leave for dinner. House must be super clean before then, thankfully Leah came over and cleaned and I did the laundry etc. I only have Rick's stocking stuffers to wrap and we'll be ready for Santa! Hope you all have a wonder holiday, tomorrow may be a late blog but it will be up after all the festivities.

A few pictures to make you laugh ;)

Yup the snow is still here, the boys attempt at a snowman!

Cole decided it needed more snow!

And the "Snowman" is complete. They did it all by themselves, pretty cool I must say :).

Jill at work sent gifts for the boys! I love this picture of Caden's face!

Cole and his now favorite toy: Firetruck!

Thanks Jill, this toy was a sand block that you had to chip away to find the dino bones. Very cool idea, not so cool when you have clean up.


  1. Hey there, stopping by from SITS. I'll def be checking back in, love the blog! :-) Your boys are cute!

  2. Merry Christmas! This is a great post for this week's Family FotoFun Friday found here.

  3. I do not need pics here to laugh, your writing puts a smile on my face...I once got an award for being the chef of a boys scout camp...a regular trophy with the top torn off and replaced with a plastic fork, spoon, and knife...was too cute!


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