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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm making a break for it ...

Currently I'm the warden in this insane asylum of cabin fever kids, the more I sit here the more I go crazy too. I don't care if I have if I can only go 2 miles per hour, I'm going to do it! I don't care if I open my door and can't even see the ground, if I go slow enough well make it. With any luck the kids will fall asleep on the way to the store. I've mapped it the closest store is actually the one farther away but no hills unlike the other 3, so we're going to Wal-Mart. Yes I know I will run into every crazy there is but I must go before I turn into one of them.

We are running on top of one any other hear, I think Cole has found a way to replicate Spiderman's sticky fingers. I think I just saw him climb the wall and hang from the fan. Well I guess knowing him he could have figured this on his own, but the Spiderman Theory makes for better story telling so I'm going with that. Even Caden is under foot. It reminds me of when I was like 5 or 6 and Dad took me to the mall, Larry Bird (a 7 ft basketball player) was there. We or should I say me ran into him. Every time he stepped to the left I would step to my right and be right under his feet. Caden was channeling my inner child and played this game with me in the kitchen. Thankfully today's breakfast was cereal (oh hush) and when it spilt it didn't burn him or me.

So it's time to shower and venture into the Wild "White" ... LOL yup I crack myself up, yet another reason to break out. Again did I move to Kansas since when I went to bed last week I lived in Washington State, yes the state known for Rain NOT snow! We usually get a day or two at the tops of this stuff, it usually melts by the night and back on the way we go! That is why when we got this winter warning all the schools were like no worries 2 hour delays only. Then the crap (sorry) started coming down and I can't even see where my driveway and the street begins. Oopps I slipped back into my Bahumbug ... Ok positive thoughts about snow. I'm not going to think about the vacation/sick leave hours I don't have if I can't make it to work. I'm going to think of slowly driving to the store and coming back to make cookies until my hands hurt and I forget about what it looks like outside. That is the plan and I may just loose some more hair making sure that is the way it goes down. Wish me luck ladies, this rain driver is going to brave the snow driving! Back of old ladies you have nothing on driving slow and yes it's Sunday so the Cliche will work here also!

This is what I opened my door to today!
This was once upon a time my front lawn that actually was still green 5 days ago! And the lone soccer ball that of course was left out yet again!
Even though my hubby repeatedly told me I was not to leave the house. He swept off my car before leaving for work today. He knows me oh too well, I'm going to be like the postman come snow ... sleet or crazy kids I will get there!


  1. It looks like you and I woke up to the same white stuff today :-) it's till coming down where I am (Vancouver Island, Canada)

    Congratulations on being a fellow saucy blogger :-)

    I really enjoyed this!

  2. Maven I'm happy to say it (knock on wood) has finally stopped. It's just not going away!

    Thanks you too!

    I'm so glad you did, I just got done writing a comment on yours also. I loved the dinner party and the drop ins and all the pictures! What a day, hope the power stays on!

  3. Holy crap, that's a lot of snow!! That is why I love living in Florida, no snow!! :)

    Congrats on being saucy!!

  4. Ewwwwww SNOW!! haha... I live in North Western Canada so I really shouldn't be poo-pooing it but for some strange reason, we have NONE and everyone else has tekn it from us. I am not complaining!
    Anyway - Congrats on being SAUCY!!!! Had to pop in :)

  5. OOOOH, Stir crazy with kids! Well, congratulations on being SAUCY! Hope that cheers you up a bit!

  6. Thank you so much girls for taking the time to stop over and read about my crazy world. I truly appreciate it and hope some of you will stop by again.

    Happy SITS Sunday Girls :)

  7. i LOVE the title of your blog! thanks for my comment! i can't believe i'm saucy!

  8. I know it was a surprise to me too. I great one to open up your blog and see all the comments, just what I needed.

    Thanks the title is something funny my mom use to say. It's stuck over the years and something I tease the boys with :).

  9. OMG! You are nuts girl!!! That's right...your crazy! There is nothing positive about going to Wal Mart!! It wil be full of wild crazy insane idiots! LOL!!!
    Thanks for sharing the's a beautiful sight. To think I was at the beach yesterday in a T shirt and pants....WOW!!
    Have fun and be safe!

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Dec 21, 2008 11:20 AM

  10. Vanessa I'm sending you the hairy eyeball right now, you and your beach! LOL

    I'm happy to say I made it back in one peice. Your so right the crazies were out in full force!

  11. I hate snow! I don't know why I live in NY!!!

  12. Yaya you crack me up! That is why I live in WA we usually are just fine. I'm not sure what's happened this year it's like the sky has opened up and dumped on us.

    I just looked out and it's coming down again. Oh joy!

  13. Ha, spider man boy in your house like my son was once...I swear he came out flying over the sofa, never crawled...really never!

    We have the snow, but today it rained so its slippery and dangerous for this clumsy chef...and thanks for the advice on the award, you deserve yours!

  14. I think we are all getting the snow. I guess it's that time of year.

  15. We woke up to lots of snow in Oregon too!

  16. BRRRRRRRRRR, I know its been extra cold here in California too... I hope you made it out and made it home in one piece!

  17. Thanks for asking I did make it back in one piece and even made enough cookies to feed an army. All I can say is everyone better love their cookies this year ... LOL.

  18. Snow in the yard is pretty for the first hour or so then I am so over it. Thankfully we haven't had any here! Saw you on SITS

  19. Yeah I love seeing it in pictures and on the mountain very VERY far from the roads I need to travel on. And away from the hills that I must go up and down to get to work.

    Hope it stays away from you, it looks like we've gotten everyones share here.

  20. Wow! Look at that snow! We haven't had snow here (south GA) since I was in 4th grade...a lifetime ago!

  21. I believe I haven't seen it this bad since when I also was in grade school. That time it last 2 days, I'm on day 6 this time ... UGH


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