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Monday, December 29, 2008

That Monday just flew by ...

Just a quick one tonight I just finished up the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies and I'm beat. I got the kids to bed and just had to share these pictures with you. Cole got a new Transformer jacket for Christmas. He has told me that he loves it and since he can't sleep with his other favorite Christmas present (the DS) he wants to sleep with his jacket. Sure no problem just get in bed, then I walk into his room find that ugh I forgot to make the bed and what do you have two pillows on the bed for at each end?

Yup that is the jacket over his pillow ;). Don't mind I didn't get the sheets on before he crawled in. Sorry buddy I promise I'll put it back like that AFTER I make the bed.Yup that's the planes and trains.

Don't you know they need their own pillow!

And the last of the cookies (I hope!)

Here are the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (Please don't mind the plate Rick was complaining about giving away all the nice Christmas plates. So being the funny person I am I busted out the Santa plate from the dollar store! Do you think he'll complain next year? Probably but it's a wish that something I do effects him ... LOL


  1. Haha thats something my little brother would do!
    And those cookies look so yummy!

  2. Your sons are adorable! How sweet is that? He had a pillow for his toys. Moments like that are precious, so cherish them because once he hits puberty you will want to strangle him! Ha,ha! I exaggerate, but my 13 year old (going on 30) has been "challenging" these past couple of days!I miss the days he would reluntantly allow me to smother him with kisses. Althought one of the funniest moments was when he complained to his Dad " Mom won't stop kissing me!" He was so abused. LOL!

  3. let me just tell you. I hate me some transformers....with a passion. My kid keeps pulling them apart in his effort to transform them and neither my husband or myself can figure the darn things out.

  4. LOL that he sleeps with it!!!!!! I am seriously laughing out loud! That would SO be Graham! He takes all his books to bed with him.

  5. LOL I used to put all my stuffed animals and favorite toys under the blanket with me, and in the morning find them on the mom would remove them, I guess she sat on them :)

    Relax girl...after they go to sleep...sip on a hot toddie!


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