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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Review

Do you have dirty floors? Well if you read my blog you know that the boys are dirt magnetic and leavers of fruit under beds, but we'll get to that next time around. Today I'm working on cleaning the floors in the kitchen/dinning room. More my poor floors taking a beating and let's just say floors aren't my favorite thing to do. I HATE yes with a capital and all caps hate mopping. Mopping requires me getting a bucket and squeezing a nasty sponge in between sweeps over the floor. While lugging around this bucket I spill, say not very nice words and then have to deal with a nasty wet sponge after-wards. Let's just say my floor don't get mopped very often. Well that was before I was able to review the savor to my floors.

Bona // Hardwood Floor Mop was a treat, now I've tried other version to the mop. They didn't spray very well, you had to take this nasty paper towel thing and throw it into the garbage it was just gross and frustrating. The Hardwood Floor Mop was a dream come true, the spray was full and got the whole floor and the Microfiber Cleaning Pad cleaned up all the nasty left-overs and crackers all over my floor. The Microfiber Cleaning Pad rocked you can use it dry to pick up all the nasty crumbs then wet with the Hardwood Refill Cartridge or the Stone, Tile & Laminate Refill Cartridge .

The Hardwood Floor Mop is so light but you can tell it's not like the cheap feeling ones you've tried in the past. It's durable and lightweight making cleaning a breeze! And even better it doesn't leave a film on your floor. I have this bad thing when these floors get wet and dry it can be like an ice skating rink, now the boys may love this but me not so much. One time falling on your rear and you're not a happy camper, usually this is one of my key arguments to mopping :).

Thank you to Bona I love my Hardwood Floor Mop and hope you all will check out their website and pick up one for yourself.

Hardwood Floor Mop For $39.99
Hardwood Refill Cartridge For$8.99
Stone, Tile & Laminate Refill Cartridge For $8.99
Microfiber Cleaning Pad For $7.99
They have so many different products to choose from check out Bona's website for all their amazing products.

Check out that spray and my clean floors!


  1. i don't have any hardwood floors... but if i did this sounds awesome!

    btw- i got my bracelet last night and it's so adorable.. thanks!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!

  2. I would love to know how it works on tile floors. Half of my 3,300 sq.ft. house is tile. (unglazed)
    I have mopped, I have a Shark Steamer, I bought a Hoover FloorMate and it is a never ending battle for me. Thank God my floors don't get that dirty. Mopping just seems to push the dirt into the grout. I actually payed my daughter to do my floor on her hands and knees and it is the cleanest it has ever been. I may just have to give this a try. Thank you for showing it to me. Have a great weekend girl. Will it be another busy one?

  3. What? You're telling me that it not only cleans but it picks up crumbs too? I must have it!

  4. I do not have wood floors but had to come over an see what you were up to.

  5. great review.
    thanks for stopping by my blog. Good Luck on the giveaway you entered

  6. Oh I need this for my living room :) it would be my BFF LOL awesome review!

  7. Thanks for the review... although we don't have wood floors, so never tried the wood floor cleaner, The Hubs swears by the tile cleaner.
    We hope to have wood floors in our new house (hope to be moving within 6-9 months) and will definitely be using the Bona cleaner.


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