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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday .... The Ups and Downs

Yet another amazing weekend here, I had big plans to head up to Seattle to take the boys to the Science Center or EMP but didn't want to go alone. Sadly I found no takers to go with me, Rick worked 2 jobs Saturday so he was out. So I took the boys shopping to finish up Cole's school shopping. Had a plan picked up most of the items, only three items left. Sure I'll remember to pick them up by Tuesday ... LOL. So Saturday was a pretty relaxed day my morning job was slow so I didn't work very late. It was a very nice day to just hang out, I ended up working Saturday night until 1:30am and of course couldn't fall asleep until 2am.

Fast forward to 7:30am yup I'm wide awake can't sleep, queue 8:30am Caden is up and then shortly after that Cole is up! I've been thinking about going to church for a while and thought well why not this why not be today. Ok let me first start I try to stay away from politics and religion on here, but today I just have to share my wonderful experience.

Let me start with I haven't been to church in probably 15+ years, all I have is memories of going when I was young. First was the Catholic Church with Grandmother (Dad has some great stories about the nuns). Lead up to when I was a little older, dad not a big fan of going (yup the nuns did it to him). My BFF and I use to go with her mom but let me tell you not the most pleasant experience there either. I just remember sitting in uncomfortable pews, no smiles and just an older gentleman preaching up front. So not the most fondest memories.

Queue to Sunday, well for a while now I've just been in a funk with work just everything. Now I send Cole to a Christian School because they just blew me away and just helped Cole out so much. So why not give this church a shot, remind you I wasn't going in with the highest hopes. We leave early I stop by a gas station to get some money since I don't have any for offerings (I at least remember that) and yup no breakfast for the boys being the amazing mom that I was I grabbed a pop tart for the boys. Yup I rock, the boys were like what is this! We get to the church still early and wait in the car for a while. Then I take the boys in, Caden got right to playing and Cole went to his room. I was actually hopeful this might go well.

Ok everyone knows I'm an emotional person but I don't usually break into tears walking into a building. Something happened to me when I walked into Chapel, a round of tears hit me. What a weird experience, I just don't know what came over me. Everyone was so nice they introduced themselves. When I started to take a seat in the back one of the elders took me to sit with his wife. She was such a pleasant lady talked to me before the opening. Then to my amazement a band started up! Ok when I say band I mean electric guitars, bass and singers. Ok queue tears again, where are these coming from? This was so upbeat and fun how can this be church? Then the pastor came up and was making jokes and talking about his life along with reading scriptures. I'm laughing I'm crying, I'm just having a heck of a time. I'm telling you what a wonderful 1 1/2 of a Sunday. If I knew church could be this fun and just good for my soul I would have gone a long time ago. Ok some of you are rolling your eyes like hello dummy, but really I'm telling you this was so out of my realm of what I'm use to. You know it I'll be going back next Sunday!

Well I'm riding high on cloud 9, come home put Caden down, Cole is watching TV in my room where Rick is sleeping (he worked until 4am so he wasn't in a good mood). So when Rick got up and found the guest room a mess with trains broken he was not a happy camper. Yup you know it and cranky husband going on and on about the house being clean etc. So he goes back to lying down pouting I clean up the whole house and still no thank yous! I'm telling you really didn't need it! He got up went to work and it was a little better but I was just in a funk after that! I didn't want to make dinner I was just spent, so I ran threw a drive thru this happens very rare! But I didn't want to get dressed so I went as I was ... LOL. Picture this crazy hair, night shirt, night pants my favorite pink with doggies and yup my lepard print slippers! Yup I said slippers ... I know I was a fashion statement all the way, thankfully no one has nominated me for what not to wear to see this picture ... LOL. Oh yes I took a picture for you, I'm crazy like that!

So there it is, more to come about Monday and Tuesday (first day of Kindergarten).

I leave you with some fun pictures, of the garden and finally the onions, peppers, eggplants and the pumpkins that are finally coming up! Oh yeah and Caden he got a hold of a pair of pink sunglasses my friends daughter left here. Oh plus the car picture, that is another Cole move!!! He decided to crawl out his window on Saturday, grab the car and pull it back to his window to crawl back in. Yes I'm having nightmare thoughts of high school!

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  1. I'm SO glad you had such a positive experience with church! Also being Catholic and not going for a few years, finding a church that breathes life into you again is an amazing thing. Not to be preachy. I'm just happy you're happy. :)
    And just for the record, I also have that same pair of pink sunglasses (or so it looks like) that your sun is wearing in the photo! I got them as part of the randomness that was my Christmas in July present this year. Very stylish! Oh, and I think that might be my next Bigfork post, lol! Thanks for the idea. :D

  2. I found a church like that too! When I moved away from the traditional hymns, it all just clicked for me too. :)

  3. It was probably so emotional for you because you felt safe to let your emotions out (you mentioned you were in a funk) and it is obvious from your statement that it seems as though your husband is pointing out the negative and not the positives you do for the family.

    You should consider going weekly. I think it will be a good place for you to find solace.

  4. I'm SO happy for you finding a good church experience!! YAY!!! That is wonderful that you want to go back next Sunday!!

    You are God' child, and he wants NOTHING more than to be close to you. You DON"T have to go to church to have that...but it helps:) He LOVES you, and wants to be involved with you and your live, and I think that were given a choice to show up last week, and those wonderful people were put there for you to help...and you did! YAY!

    Good for you.. I so hope you go back next week. Life's ups and downs don't seem half as bad when you are allowing God to be in your life more:)

  5. yeay for finding a good church! Thats awesome :)
    Your weekends are always so full. I dont know how you do it!

  6. Good for you, I'm glad you went to church. It's been a few years for me because I moved and haven't found a new one to attend. I love church with the band and singing.
    Church has come a long way!

  7. Good for you, I'm glad you went to church. It's been a few years for me because I moved and haven't found a new one to attend. I love church with the band and singing.
    Church has come a long way!

  8. sounds like you had a nice weekend. I am glad you had a great time at church. Husband are just like that I bust my bottom cleaning and nothing. Then I just pick up a couple of things here and there and he says something. What?? Oh well...

  9. I am glad you found a bit of peace and joy this weekend. While I do not attend church anymore I do know how refresing it can be. I am Catholic and sthill prefer the old stuffy dark chapel's/cathedrals. I think it's the ritual ceremony of it all for me. hmmmm, maybe I'll pop in for a service.
    Sorry DH brought you down, I have been in a mood lately (teething baby, no sleep) that if my DH had said that I would have told him that I work just as hard as he does and if he wants it clean HE can damn well do it. (mind you that was if I was in your shoes, but since my job is to stay at home and mind the children and the house I really can't say that sorta stuff).
    Yay for gardens! I might plant one someday too...

  10. Good for finding a church that speaks to your heart. Sounds like you had a very full weekend. I need to go take a nap now.

  11. i am so WONDERFULLY happy for you... so happy that you found a place that seems to feel like you belong... so so happy for you honey!

  12. YAY YAY YAY! SO very glad you had a good Sunday at church.

    I struggle with getting to church - I wasn't raised going and it can feel like a chore. But when I get there and the music starts? AAAAAH! It feels like coming home :)

  13. Glad you had a nice time in the church. I haven't gone there in ages!

  14. That sounds great!.........So glad you found a great church.....funny how the things you need have a way of finding you eventually!

    Oh my.....he's already breaking out? Oy.....good luck on

    Nothing like a cranky man to bring you down, eh? thru sounds like a great solution to me!.....which one was it?


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