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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday, A Wedding, A BBQ, Cleaning and oh ya a sick mom!

So the weekend was yet another busy one! Saturday was the usual start at 5am, it was a busy day of calls. I was on fire with calls and schedule a bunch, I was feeling great did calls until like 10am then did some data entry until 11:30ish almost 12. Then of course I needed to check the blog etc. Yup my bad, thinking ok the weddings not until 5pm I have plenty of time ... sucker! So check out this craziness!

1pm get my butt off the computer and in the shower! Of course I didn't shave the day before so there I go. Think how much trouble can the boys get into while I'm in the shower. Yup thump head against the wall here! I also had the bright idea to dress both boys before this also. I come out of the shower to find Caden had all my hair products out. Gel everywhere, hairspray in his hair, the walls, the floor then the topper he dumped a bottle of kids shampoo all over his overalls and my rug (mind you I just washed it).
2pm run out the door plenty of time right? Stop by Ross pick up a new shirt because the one I bought just didn't look right and it was a super hot day! Get to Ross the boys go nuts. After 45 minutes finally find a shirt I like thankfully on sale for $9.99 goes great with the gaucho pants I bought for $4.99 at Value Village yup I'm cheap. Then to the dollar store for a bag, easy no of course I can't find one that fits the gift have to buy a gift bag like the Santa type.

3:40pm get back home, how did that go by so quick! I don't even have make up or hair done oh yeah plus I need to get dressed. Run in throw on my clothes and the new shirt (yup the new one you know with a tag ... so forgot about the tag!). Then try to put a necklace on it breaks BEADS EVERYWHERE!!! Darn Minerals Makeup everywhere on my gray shirt, double crap!! Throw a few curls in and make up on. On to putting everyone back in the car and off we go.

This is my bathroom well what was left of it after the rush.
You can even see a few of the beads everywhere!
And what my bed looked like after trying on a million outfits.
Yes that would be the jacket I bought at first, and yes tag still on that too!
I'm a horrible shopper I buy then try on at home!

4:05pm forget my cell phone turn back around and grab it, that is after I rifle the house for it!

4:09pm forget my camera turn back around and grab it, that is with out the memory card still in the card reader! Crap!

4:25pm Call one of my BFF's to see if she knows where the heck this place is the directions don't make since. I had it in my head it was at a certain place. No such luck, thanks Deb she wasn't home to be my Google guide but tried!

4:35pm make it to mom and dads house, yes I was going 70+ and that was a very bad mom!

4:45pm trying to figure out where my parents are to take the kids. Turns out mom was at the grocery store and dad was on the jetski. Hello you knew I was coming for a 5pm wedding!

4:47pm Take off from my parents house, it's right down the road right? WRONG

5:03pm Call Dad in panic, Google me please. Yes I forgot my GPS at home, please just help me!!! Oh yeah not even close to were I was thinking it was.

5:29pm make it to the wedding. Sneak in the back and pick a side so not even close to anyone I thought I would sit by. Thankfully met up with my friends after the ceremony. Then waiting in line to say hi to the bride and groom, I get a tap on a shoulder by a person behind me. NO ONE I knew, yup that lovely tag of the new shirt was hanging out. You know how embarrassing it is to have a stranger tell you, that you have a tag hanging out. I wanted to crawl under that HUGE skirt of the bride. No such luck I tried and she gave me a dirty look. Why oh why?

The wedding was fun, but ok what is it with the wedding attire of people! Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear would have a flipping hey day with these people. I was told that it was formal and I was worried what I was wearing. I always wonder about people that wear outfits not appropriate for the occasion or their surroundings. Whatever it was nice going, sad that Rick had to work but I had fun. Some brought their kids but I'm glad I went stag it was just a relaxing experience! And the lord was shinning down on me I lost my voice after the wedding. It was so weird I walked into my parents house and couldn't talk, so weird!

Even a little sad the maid of honor is a BFF of mine since I was 9. She was suppose to be in my wedding but had to drop out a few weeks before. It was a little sad seeing her in this wedding and giving a speech. I still love her no matter what and she helped out mom a lot for my wedding. LOL always have to be emotional.

Then I went to download the 4 pictures my camera would take with out a memory stick and guess what I somehow formatted the card. Oh yeah that means I erased all 250+ pictures on that card! CRAPPPP!!! Fingers crossed I can get them back!

The 4 pictures I saved ... LOL
The bride Heather, Maid of Honor Tarra, Guest Aubrey and Me

Sunday we hung out, Rick sick and being a pain in my butt. Then we went up to my girlfriends Aubrey's house for a yummy BBQ. Mom yelled at me to stay home and rest but believe me going somewhere so the kids can play and leave me be was worth driving up there! The kids played I drank Tea and just relaxed!!! I even brought over yummy items from the garden!

Funny how Caden can go go and then crash. First on the couch and then during lunch ... Do you think he had a busy weekend! LOL

Monday Rick was sick again and yet again stayed in the room while I worked and took care of the boys. I took a lunch and cleaned like crazy. Their room was so dirty. What the heck is it with my boys and food under the beds. Yup I found a banana well what was left of it under Caden's crib! Let's just say when I picked it up, ok pried it off the floor it was so nasty! Then I came out and found Caden decided the game closet needed to be emptied on the floor! Oh joy my life never ends. Did I mention my voice is still not back and feel like crud? Yup!!! Yes that would be the Vacuum cleaner what I picked up just from their room!!!


  1. Dang girl you make me tired. All I can say is you need a break from it all! Stop drop and roll......LOL

  2. First of all you look great in the pictures. Glad you had a great time at the wedding. Also I want you to know that I am one of those people who tell people about a tag hanging out or that they missed a belt loop. She was just being a very kind person because so many others never would have told you. I would want someone to tell me so that's why I do it. Now what about those pictures, are they really gone. OMG how terrible. I just love the way Caden falls asleep.
    Typical male, they can sleep anywhere. Do you ever have a nice quite weekend? I'm exhausted just reading your post! Luv Ya

  3. What a wild weekend. I so do what you do and change a hundred times. You look so pretty in all of the pictures. Those boys are so silly. Hope everyone is feeling better. Take care my poser friend.

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon :)
    Love the pictures :) you look awesome!
    Again you managed a full busy weekend LOL hugs!

  5. Haha! We sound a lot alike! '5 o'clock? Plenty of time!' yeah right!!!!!

  6. Girl.. you are wearing me out again! LOL!!! You looked beautiful no matter how many outfits you had to try!

  7. Good golly...
    Love the pics, esp of Caden passed out on the couch! LOL!
    Nice looking peppers and eggplant! Lucky!
    You looked great for the wedding!

  8. Honey, I am tired just reading about all you do! Glad you salvaged your week.

  9. Wow, sounds like you had one heck of a weekend! The wedding pics are nice.
    Both my husband and I are in a wedding this upcoming weekend. Hopefully it goes smoothly. But from the guess of it so far, it's going to be pretty chaotic. I may have to do like your little one, just find a place and crash. haha

  10. you are a busy woman! Great pictures!

  11. Ok.....I'm wondering how many other bananas are hidden around your house!
    Sounds like another full weekend!..............oy......

  12. Here is the thing too, because of all of the crazy running around AFTER the shower, we really need another one. At least I do. I feel all hot and gross again


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