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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ... More Pictures to show how it all went down!

Well it was yet another weekend full of ups and downs and just a worn out mommy! Friday I get a call from Rick our dryer is not working! GREAT, what a way to start the weekend! As I'm learning the lord works in mysterious ways and when you really need that burst you get it. My wonderful and AMAZING people that I work for on Mondays were very generous and sent me a bonus. I had all these thoughts of pedicures and manicures maybe a cute new outfit!

Oh how fast those dreams go by by! Yup that would be the dryer breaking. Again I need to be thankful it was running just not blowing out hot air. Easy fix right? Well yes easy as in the part went in easy this little part you see was $75 add in tax and you have a $82 part! Well maybe with $18 I can get a half pedicure? Yes the lovely lint caused my dryer element to fry. What is it with my house and things burning up. Well at least it wasn't Cole peeing on something to start a fire!!!LOL (Yes that is a burnt element, like I wouldn't take pictures). Along with everything you need to fix a dryer. You know a Pepsi for energy, a bunch of tools (I'll pretend I have no clue what they are so I don't have to fix anything, I already do enough), and of course a tuperware to put the screws in! And thanks to a thoughtful wife who asked for printed directions, yes I ROCK!
Sunday I was feeling better so I took myself and the kids to Church. Rick still not on board, I'm working on him. Now we've gone 2 times and Caden has been fine, yup not this time alligator tears and hanging onto mommy! Finally some cars and the very sweet church lady getting down on the floor with him I was able to go into the church. It was a lovely uplifting service and when I returned no more tears! Yup here we are in our Sunday best. Caden is showing how he got into my PERMANENT pen and wrote on his belly!!
Next I come home and have this brilliant idea to go to Seattle. A 45 minute drive I have to go to the Pacific Science Center for a review. Ok I'm a dork I'll admit it! I had this idea that PSC was with the Aquarium I tell Cole and Rick that is where we are going. Now we drive 45 minutes, then it was a packed day in Seattle! 30 MINUTES we find a parking spot, with little swearing from the people behind us we almost backed up into and from Rick who is NOT the most patient person. We walk into the Aquarium I give my free tickets to be informed I'm at the wrong place. Yup blonde moment, I admit it. Rick so not happy so we walk around, Cole has a melt down of not going to the Aquarium. We hit the warf shops and the boys take a ride on the Carousel one good moment before Cole is freaking out, Rick is in a mood. Oh joy!!! So off to the PSC, we drive around and around no parking another 30 minutes Rick is just going to drop us off. Yup doors are locked. I give up and home we go. Let's just say not one of my happiest Sundays for a family outing! Home we went and unhappy boys all around!!
Monday comes around, Rick of course in bed. You know he needs to rest on his day off! WTH I mean what do I do, oh yeah I don' t have a day off! So I scheduled an appointment for a oil change you think he could get up and take care of it for me. Nope, again not a pleasant time to be in my house. I believe everyone knew in a mile radius that I was not happy! But thankfully I went I told the guy about my CD player and guess what? He fixed it, all he had to do was flip a switch under the hood to restart it! EASY, yup I've been without a CD player for how long??? I used my coupon for an oil change and a 23 point check. Guess what yup I have a screw in my front tire, really do the hit stop anytime soon? While at the car dealership Caden and I hung out in the kids section! You think I'm OCD check out my son. He rearranged their kids room, stacked the toys and had to line up the tables and toys. GREAT ... LOL!
So I get home and Rick jumps out of bed to start yard work, I think he got the point. Well that didn't last very long while trimming the bushes he hit a hornet's nest and was stung about 12 times! Maybe its a payback for being a pain in my butt. Now I don't want to see him in pain but I think every once in a while a little kick in the pants is needed. I choose to think of it as a cosmic kick ;).

Oh yeah this weekend I found out that my grandmother was scammed by someone saying they were ME!!!! More on that tomorrow, I want to dedicate a whole post to it for people to be aware. One you'll want to tune in for she was scammed out of $3,000.00!!!


  1. WHAT??? poor grandma!!! That's horrible! I hate when people take advantage of the elderly... that just irks me to no end!!!

    and yeah... when is YOUR day off? :)

  2. Funny about the hornets...I mean poor Rick!

    I'm so glad to hear that you are still going to church. Keep it up girl. Do it for you!

  3. Your church going hits home. Used to go every Sunday and then the hubs and I were very offended at some activity so then hubs was DONE. I want to get back to going now that I've had the baby and all. Maybe this weekend... I'll pray for your hubs to make it a complete family affair.

    Sounds like we have a lot in common. I have those 'blonde moments' regularly only I'm not blonde. Whatever...

    I'm glad right there along with ya that the dryer was an easy fix. That's the kind of stuff that happens to us too only hubs really isn't Mr. Handy. It's my responsibility LOL. Fortunately I'm the daughter of a builder so I know my way around tools.

  4. Geesh girl never a dull moment in your house. I bet there are days you just want everything and everyone to hold still for a few minutes.
    You poor Granny, I hate people who scam others!

  5. My grandmother was scammed years ago and I was so angry. Sorry about the hornet's, poor guy.
    I love the way Caden arranged the waiting room, too funny! Sorry about the nail in the tire and the dryer breaking down. Then the PSC is closed. OMG girl! I'm glad church went well.

    I have an award over at my For Your Tears blog for you.

  6. That is so bad, I feel so bad for your grandma can't wait to read your post.

    Hate when things get broken in the house!

    You know you need a day off really LOL
    Love the pictures!

  7. that pisses me off about your grandmother.. some ppl should be shot sometimes.. i think...

    am still so glad the church thing is working for you.. and just give it some time on rick.. you were right when you said that the Lord works in mysterious way...

  8. What a weekend! I hope this coming one is a TON better! :-)

    Caden rearranging the tables reminds me of Blake when I took him for his 2 year pics-he kept rearranging the chairs in the waiting area. Luckily no one else was waiting-I think he would have kicked them out fo their chair so he could move it! LOL!

  9. What a weekend you had. I loved the horse rides. They are fun. Really someone took your Grandmother for a ride. That is so wrong.

  10. Poor grandma! I hope the authorities caught the bad guy!
    LOL with Caden and the OCD! He's so young to be doing that!
    Don't get me started on Rick... He's SOOOO lucky to have you!
    SO glad you got to church again! Sorry the rest of the plans went south though!

  11. Oh my ......yes, sometimes what goes around comes around...even hornets!
    Great about the CD player....ours is on the fritz...can't get CDs out and can't put them in.....and it won't bummer.
    TigerBoy has been known to do such things as well! One of the first things he did when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house was fix the rug!


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