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Friday, September 25, 2009

Whats Runs thru my mind ... Hold on!

It's just been one of those weeks so I thought I would share with you some fun things and all the random things that run thru my mind ... LOL :). I know I was a little scared to, but you all know I'm a little batty by now anyways ... haha.

Ok planting all these peppers was a good idea but that means you have to have peppers in at least 3 meals a week.
Check it out my first red pepper!!! It's HUGE!

This is what happens when you don't feel like making dinner.
Throw a bunch into a pan and hope everyone likes it!
Ok I'll list it!
Ground beef (I buy in bulk), Kidney beans, black beans, pepper from the garden, tomatoes, tomato paste and some taco seasoning! LOL really it was good.
I can't wait Grey's Anatomy is back!
So if you are a dish subscriber you know that last November we lost the contract with ABC. Ok that's fine, well not if you like Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice. Yup we missed most of the season yes I said we Rick actually likes both of these also! Thankfully Lifetime replayed Grey's but no luck on Private! So I'm so excited to watch the new season!
A book I really want to read.
It's on my library Audio wish list!!
Ok I'll admit it I judge a book by it's cover. I saw this audio book on Library New and thought oh why not that looks like a cool cover I'll try it. Ok I'll admit it I have no clue about the Hills or LC, Rick had to inform me what it was (I know clueless) and yes he watches it!!! So I had no clue that this was her book or that she read the audio version. And even funnier I liked it, go figure :).
Ok I'm in love with this new show.
Dancing, singing and drama!
Can you say Fame?
Oh wait they even made a movie about that!
What happens when Alexis is sick and her hair is driving her nuts!
She grabs a rubber band (not the nices to pull out) and I throw it up.
Sad to say my hair is not long enough so I have this poof with hair sticking up everywhere!
Can you say professional? Hey everyone else is not following the dress code I can let my hair go crazy right? Ok just while I'm sick.
A while back (explains the blonde blonde hair) my mom made me dinner, gave me wine and let me read my book on her front deck while the boys and her hung out inside!
The best 30 minutes I've had in a long time!!!
I'm putting out a call for this again, please!!! LOL

Now go have fun and check out my giveaways if you get a chance! Plus I plan to put up another 3 or 4 this weekend. I'm trying to catch up! Muah, I'm out of here, I need to read so more books!


  1. I am totally going to be watching Grey's Anatomy online tomorrow (since we don't have cable). It's supposed to be a 2 hour episode! Can't wait!

  2. love your peppers looks like you diid a great job and yes I know that sign you daughter makes quite well we went through that phase as well

  3. Really, this is getting a little freaky... I do the same thing with my hair and its about the same length!

    I DVR'd Glee and watched it last night. Its the first TV I've watched in, oh... 15 days?... anyway, I think its going to be a love/hate relationship. Some of the show was great and other parts was SERIOUSLY?. If it comes down to a choice though, Grey's Anatomy will win!

  4. MMMMM... I could eat red peppers every day! They are expensive so good going on growing your own!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Glee .. & grey's!!!

  5. That dinner sounds delicious even if it was thrown together! :-)

  6. 1. Mmmm, love peppers...
    2. So happy grey’s is back on, except I fell asleep, urg!...
    3. glee, looks like a good show, I however only watched about 3 minutes before hubby vetoed and changed the channel, urg! Again!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  7. I love Grey's and Private Practice.
    Grey's was great last night. When I saw the clip for PP last night I had forgetten the season finale. It was a good one and I look forward to seeing it next Thursday.
    I want to read Tori's book too!
    Have a great weekend and I look forward to you new giveaways!

  8. I have Tori's first book and I want the next one also. I love Grey's and can't wait for Private Practice next week. Have a great weekend. Love the hair style you look great poser.

  9. How do you still look so cute and be sick?

    And just be my personal chef because everything you make, I want to eat.

  10. Wow, those peppers looks awesome, and that meal DOES look yummy!
    I wish I made time to read books... I love to read, but between my Bible, Book of Mormon, and my Reader's Digest and Guidepost magazines, I've got enough reading to last my lifetime!! Maybe when my kids get a little older...?

  11. You're so cute girlie :) I need some time to read a book, so many waiting for me LOL your food is always so yummy!

  12. I've put my hair up in mini binder clips, pencils, and rubber bands LOL

  13. Like I already told you... your hair looks adorable no matter what you do with it, it is your smile that makes your face!
    I wish we could grow things like that here in this non-gardening climate of central Florida.
    I haven't seen Grey's yet, it's DVR'd, because The Hubs hates it, so I'll watch it during the day tomorrow.
    Luv & Hugs


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