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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

I know I'm so late today! It was a very late night at work, then run home kids and then a late night working my other job! So you'll have to wait for weekend wrap tomorrow ... LOL I know you'll be on the edge of your seats waiting. My life is so riveting you all just can't wait :).
So I leave you today, since I'm still in proposal nightmare right now, with a cute pic of Caden. Now Caden HATES shoes I have the hardest time keeping them on him. That is until Sunday my mom when dropping Cole off (yes he stayed the night, more on that tomorrow) gave me shoes she bought for the boys. So after church (yes I went again, more again tomorrow you just need to be patient ... LOL) I unloaded the car and put the boxes on the table. Caden crawled up there and opened the box and kept saying "Momma, shooooes". I said yes they are for you! After negotiated a bottom change I told him he could try them on! Well let's just say the first picture is what he ran around for the rest of the day, kept saying "No pants Momma". Then the next day right out of the bath, I was only able to get a diaper on before the shoes came out again! So yeah shoes are good, bad news clothes now are optional at the house (well that rule DOESN'T apply to mom, don't want to scare anyone or catch a cold). So there you have it!


  1. LOL! Too cute! LOVE the smile! My little guy barely goes without shoes anymore. He has some dinosaur rain boots and his croc type shoes that he is always putting on...sometimes a combination of both-LOL! :-)

  2. Awe lookie der! Heck this is what happens when I DON'T stop by in FOREVER! I'm sooo sorry, I suck! I promise to try harder. I love the new look of the blog too babe and HAVE to go check out this Vacation thing.. what's a vacation?

  3. He loves his shoes so much! That is just the cutest thing!!!

  4. He loves his new shoes! Oh boy, you can just tell looking at that face:)

  5. He looks adorable. Very cute shoes.
    Glad you did church.

  6. NICE!
    Those are really cute shoes or as my 14 month old says... "Ooosh"

  7. So cute!
    Well, you can't have everything can you? It's either clothes or
    All it takes is the right pair of shoes, I guess......

  8. Aw! Totally adorable! Look at that big grin! Can't wait to hear about your weekend adventures! :)

  9. He's too cute :) love those shoes :)and his outfit is the best...

  10. Those are the best pics. I kept getting ready to say one was my favorite, then another one would jump out at me for some reason, so I guess they are ALL my faves.
    Great shots.... can't wait for the wrap-up... You NEED to slow down girlie!!


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