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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ... Relaxing ... Well at least it was slower

Here we go it was a fun weekend as always! Friday on our way home Cole called my mom and so nicely asked "If you want we can come up and visit" .... LOL crack me up! So we headed up to my parents house. While the weather is going to fall there are a few days left to take the jet-ski out. Last year while on the jet-ski with my parents they flipped over. Cole has been freaked out with water ever since. So we've been trying to ease him back on, my parents even bought a new jet-ski that is bigger and we're hoping this would help him. At first he was all set to go and then when we went down to my parents water front he started to cry. We got him on and he went a little bit but came back very quick. When he came to get off, Caden walked over to Bapa and said "Me Me" ... LOL it was so freaking cute! So we put a life vest on him and off they went. He even drove it! The ducks even came over to visit, the geese were flying in a V and Mt. Rainier was looking gorgeous! Plus I love this plaque Mom has in her garden "Grow Damn it" ... LOL and she's the one that gave me the swear jar ... LOL
After Jet-Skiing we came in to a yummy meal mom made. She got these yummy kielbasa's and wrapped them in bacon, toasted the buns with tons of butter, of course added some cheese and then some yummy beans! Yeah I don't go there often for meals I would be even "fluffier" (as mom says to me ... LOL) . The boys planned dinos with "Bapa" and even swung on the swing in the sun porch and oh yeah ice cream, well Caden had fruit snacks he hates cold things! I even was able to sit back have a meal and a cup of coffee!!! Mom even added a little Baileys ... see my last post about wanting 10 minutes to myself, came true! Yeah :)
Saturday I actually sat in my PJ's almost the whole day, Cole played with the neighbor boy. Can I tell you how excited I am that they moved in? Caden and I chilled out, we tested out potty chair, then decided we didn't like diapers anymore! Well that was until I had to clean up a puddle ... sorry dude diaper on! Oh yeah our car got dirty, so he actually asked for a paper towel to wipe it off ... I know!
Then my garden is still going strong ... Yeah! Next year peppers all the way I have a bumper crop of them. And yes that is two different days I went out for a green pepper and peppers. One of them is the biggest green pepper so far it was big as my hand. And yes those are the first yellow ones that showed up! More eggplant showed up, I so need to make eggplant Parmesan. And yes that is the one lonely pumpkin that grew ... :( the rest look like that little one there! No clue what happened there!
Then I got a baking mood going on! I made some yummy things, recipes to come soon!! I made yummy Sour Cream Bread, I made some ribs love them @ the accidental scientist, a hot bean spread and egg salad (that went very yummy on my sour cream bread). That makes for one tired girlie :).
And Monday we had a field trip at an apple orchard by the house! Cole's Kindergarten class and the PreK class got to meet up. They had enough drivers, but I so wanted to go I could tell the teacher wasn't excited for me to show up but I need pictures. So I hook up my fancy GPS and off I go, threw all the construction ... hmmm maybe not the best day. Then I of course go down the wrong street, but I did see this amazing deer. I can't believe how sweet it was, it let me pull up slow down, fumble for my camera and just stood there staring at me. I'm tell you it gave me chills! I get to the farm to find one of the moms sitting there talking on her phone, ok well it wasn't like she was quiet she was rather loud. And she was not talking so sweet about some body! It was so fun, it took Cole a few minutes to see I was there, then he got a little over excited. Ok I guess I see why she didn't want me to come! The lady that did the talk I swear was 80, she ran and bent down and up better then I can! Oh boy I need to loose weight I'm telling you an hour of standing and my knee was killing me. It was a ton of fun and the two apples they were suppose to get turned into a bag full which Cole informed me "Mom you're making a pie right?" Yup I guess I am ;). So there it is my crazy weekend, and back to work I go. It's so slow there ... ugh!


  1. Looks like a great weekend filled with all kinds of fun. Wow you garden is quite impressive. I can't grow anything.

  2. All of my peppers came in too! It must be that time of year:) I love all the clusters of picutres...I wish I could learn how to do that.

    Very fun filled week! Whew! Filled with family fun and food!!!

  3. What a great time! Sounds a lot better than the last weekend! :-)

    Your garden is doing awesome! I thought we were only getting 1 pumpkin in our garden too, but we ended up with 3 that are turning organge right now and a green one-I'm hoping that one turns too!

    All that food looks like pure yumminess! I want to come visit both you and your mom! ;-)

    That jet-skiing pic with the mountain in the background is beautiful!

  4. Great pictures and looks fun. I Love the garden veggies!
    All the food looks so yummy!
    Sounds like a great weekend!

  5. I'm tired just reading about it! Looks and sounds wonderful. I might just have to tag along next time. Food looks yummy! As does your garden. We're hoping to move in the spring and then maybe I'll actually have enough of the yard to plant a garden!

    I LOVE the plaque in your mom's garden. Gotta get me one of those!

  6. Great photo montages..and the pic of Ranier made me miss home!

    Sour cream bread? Will be looking at that recipe pronto.

  7. gorgeous pics... looks like a wonderful wkend too!

    btw- one day i'm gonna come visit you b/c it looks so BEAUTIFUL where you are!!!

  8. ME again! (head tilted to the side, typed in a sing song-y voice). You have an award waiting over at my blog dahling!

  9. I dont know how you get up on Monday mornings LOL I would need a vacation from my weekend :) I do really like those photo collages very nifty!

  10. You had a lot of food happening last weekend. I want in on that.

  11. Glad you had fun at your parents place. That bread looks yummy. I have not been apple picking in awhile looks fun. Have a great day.

  12. I hopped over from Daffy's blog to say congrats on your award.

    Sour cream bread sounds like something that might make me get off my lazy bum and get in the kitchen again. I love the way you did your photo montages! I haven't really seen those around.

  13. Gee I feel bad, my kids come over for moms cooking and I don't play that game anymore! I better start doing something about that. I have an idea, I know this person who posts meals all the time, maybe I should try some of those! We do pick up food at some really great resturants. (not fast food) Oh how I have been wanting to go to our local apple orchards. I love Rome Beauty's which you don't see in the store. Great pictures.

  14. Always full of fun and excitement around you! Glad you got some relaxing time! The dishes you made sound great, and I'm so impressed with your home grown veggies!
    So I have an award for you at my blog. I know Felicia gave it to you yesterday, but I'm giving it to you too! =)

  15. Whew!! How exhausting!
    I like the pictures at your parents house, and the phone call from Cole is so cute! Tell your mom that she & I have the same china pattern on our dishes. :-) (Gotta love that Dixie-ware!) That kielbasa looks amazing, I am so hungry for it and it is 3 in the morning... mmmm!!
    I LOVE nekked-butt Caden photos! It is the cutest little hiney! Nice try with the potty, tell him I am REALLY proud of him!
    And fabulous job on the garden and with the baking... I get in those moods.
    Hope the rest of you week goes well. {{{Hugs}}}

  16. Awww the boys are growing so fast! Still cute as bugs though... Wait! I think I saw kid porn on know the ribs and bread, oh I mean food porn :)

    How funny is your mom, and cole calling her, sounds like a good plan to me!

  17. Looks like fun weekend :)


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