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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My weekend in pictures :)

Wow is it Thursday yet? Wednesday was a blur of craziness! I had a proposal due at work and usually it's crazy but I've never had one go like this. I was working with another company and it just shows how hard it is when 2 people aren't in one office. Plus I didn't receive the information until Tuesday @ 1pm!!! Sadly it wasn't what I needed so I had to do what I could to make it pretty and fill the requirements. I ended up working late Tuesday and coming in early Wednesday, I promise to stop by soon! Also with all my craziness I put up a wrong book for giveaway, I'm so sorry everyone. I'll put the corrected book up and everyone that has already entered I'll re-enter you in the new giveaway, again I'm so sorry. Sometimes all these balls I try to juggle get mixed up!

So this weekend was a nice one, well as much as it can be ;). Saturday I mixed up and thought I had a wedding it's this weekend! So I had my parents lined up to watch the boys and Cole was to stay the night. Since I messed up Cole still got to stay with them, this is his 4th time staying the night there and he was super excited! My parents are amazing grandparents always buy nice things for the boys and have us over for dinners frequently. They just aren't the type of grandparents that have the boys stay with them often or just come hang out. I'm hoping when the boys are older and better at not touching things in their house they can go visit more, it would be a nice break every once in awhile ;).We met my mom at Macy's to get Cole some pants for school and to see her new car! My parents are so funny and SUPER clean people, I almost didn't get to ride in the car since she didn't have a floor mat ... LOL :).

After dropping Cole off Caden and I headed home to a sick daddy. Ok ladies is your husband a baby and a stinker when he gets sick? Oh boy Rick is the worst when he is sick. So we hung back and just enjoyed our time. I actually organized pictures of food post for the next few months (yes I'm crazy and have them scheduled up to January of next year)!

Sunday my parents dropped Cole off at Church, I know 2 weeks in a row! I was super excited to go the band was amazing and I met some new people. I really love this church and Cole is doing well in Sunday school he is getting a little stern talking to which I thinks helps him with boundaries! I really love this church and would love to become a member but they would like you to go to a few meetings which is great but one is 1 1/2 hours and the other is 3 1/2 hours. I'm just not sure how I can make it work with the boys and Rick's work schedule. I hope they will still let me come, and maybe in the future I can go. I'm always game to help with bake sales :). Plus the bible studies are nice but they also are on Thursday nights 7pm to 9pm! Just hard to work with our schedules, plus I'm easing into this :).

Monday home all day with the boys, and yes it rained and thundered the whole time. Oh yeah did I mention I worked all day, plus everyone is sick now! Yup so my world.

Then today after that crazy day at work I come home Rick and Cole stayed home sick. You got it the whole house was mess. How can two sick boys destroy a whole house? So of course I have to clean the house and you know it Rick still sick and grumpy. I think I may run away, anyone have a free space? I'll cook :).

Cole every day calls my parents on my cell.
Caden took the my old phone now the play phone and called me :).
This would be the empty cooking jar.
Rick's friend ate the last cookies.
Yeah for me (I won't be tempted)
Boo for the boys those are the cookies my mom made for them.
I found a great sale on TP it was like 4 rolls on one, and it was a huge sale.
So yeah I by it.
Cole decided to help change the roll.
Yup the new roll ended up in water.
Cheapskate mom dried it out.
What it's still usable :)
Oh boy I have to use this
The cleaner hasn't showed up in 3 weeks!
I guess she fired me?
I know I thought that was funny too!
I dusted the entertainment center
Man I have too many pictures
Dusted the end table and the lamps
I then cleaned my work area
Caden brought me a picture of Cole.
He said "Ole", yes buddy it's Cole.
He then brought me another picture, yes Cole again.
I looked around my poor baby I don't have many pictures of him up.
Wow I was so good with the first baby!
Look Church gave me a coffee cup!
It had Kisses in side, sorry those are gone!
I think I'll end with a glass of wine.
Don't usually have one, but I REALLY need one!
So there it is a day late and I planned on it being brief ... LOL but you know me :). More tomorrow. I promise Amy I won't forget Round Robin .... now to figure out what to do for it. Anyone have a Meme they want to pass on?


  1. Sorry no memes to pass on.

    I have to admit, my current husband (I was married before) was older when he married (I'm his 1st wife) and a good sick person. Actually, I think it's because he's a giver and doesn't like to be a bother. However, I'm a giver, so not an issue and I have to admit he's great to me when I'm sick [heck, he drove home from a fishing trip in another state because I hurt my back and was having my back x-rayed (friend brought me)].

    I can empathize with bad sick people - my ex was the worst! He also never took care of me when sick.

    I found this an odd statement "I hope they will still let me come, and maybe in the future I can go." - I thought everyone welcome in a church? I bet they'd understand if you explained it.

  2. Busy, busy girl. You know, that last pic is my fav.

  3. I've totally dropped TP in the sink before where its gotten all wet & let it dried & use it anyways... its not like it had pee on it!! :)

  4. Look at you go girl. Love the pictures and the wine. I was going to tell you to stop by tomorrow. Show off some of your giveaways or your cooking stuff. Have a great day. Thanks for my shout out.

  5. YES! YES! YES! my hubby is a TOTAL baby when he's sick or hurt... it drives me CRAZY... but anywho... what can ya do?!?!

    so glad you are still enjoying your new church... church can do a lot... and so i'm very happy for you!!

    btw- that first pic of the boys... it is just so cute!!! your little ones are so handsome!!!!

  6. My hubby is such a baby when he doesn't feel good. Right now I'm suffering because he has a tooth ache. I'd like to pull that sucker out and tell him to get on with it.......LOL
    Your posts always make me either hungry or tired depending on what you post, this one would be tired.....LOL

  7. Yes you can come and stay with me (bring Caden if he's not sick too...) You can cook and clean too if you miss it. I'll let you, just so you feel at home you know?

  8. Hey, if I would get rewarded with wine, I'd clean a lot more!

  9. LOL on the toilet paper! That's a prized possession around here :)

  10. Wow you've been busy! You definitely deserve that glass of wine! I love the toilet paper...that's hilarious. Waste not want not, right? Oh, and if you ever need to run away, I have plenty of room right now. I'm in a three bedroom basement. It's a little chilly though, so I'd bring a sweater. ;)

  11. I knew it, no matter what I do your weekend is more busy than mine LOL

    Hubby+sick=me going nuts, he's bigger baby than 10 babies put together LOL

    LMAO about the TP you're awesome...

    Cleaning lady runaway LOL that is funny...wondering what happened to her ;)

    Ah the cleaning...I did so much of it those past 3 days ugh...and today my stupid back hurts!

    Hope you're relaxing a little!
    And if you ever want to runaway call me LOL I'm with you, we should take a vacation together no hubbies no kids :)

  12. So glad to see you with that glass of wine (well deserved) and love the cell phone picture of the kids! Too funny!

  13. That is a glass of wine? Are you sure it's not a goblet? It's huge! Though you still deserve it.

  14. All I can say is wow! By the way my company is gone so your welcome to stay here and cook. Can you clean too?

  15. Little Ms. Blogger: Thank you my dear I really hope they know how it is to be a mom and not having enough time and with Rick working odd hours it's so hard. I guess if it doesn't work then it wasn't meant to be, I just hope it does :)

    Rebecca: Thanks girlie it was my fav too :)

    Amy anytime poser girl ;)

    Thanks Randi you're so sweet and I think the same thing!!

    Robyn that is so my world make you laugh, cry and hungry ... LOL :)

    Rachael my bags are packed!

    Pooba, you can make your own rules, by drunk vacuuming isn't a good sport ... LOL :)

    Jennifer you know it TP is expensive and 4 rolls on 1 you know it girl!

    Lauren love sweaters they hide the chunky ;)

    Suzanna you're one busy mommy too! girl you're weekend sounded crazy and you even made a cake, yup so not ever going there ... LOL

    Kristen it's just closer to the camera, yup that is my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL

    Debby your house would be a dream to stay at and I already saw the guest room, I think I could be your live in maid and be VERY happy!!!

  16. Wow...what a busy mama you are!

    I think pretty much ALL men are babies when they're sick. At least all the men I've ever met!

  17. OMGosh my Hubby is the WORST baby ever when he is sick...I mean horribly whiney!! BUT I also have to say that when I am sick (which is verrry rare...what Mom has time to be he takes VERY good care of me and looks after the children as well...I try to remember this when he gets sick...

    You are one busy Momma..... I am blessed to stay home..if I had a full time job (a paying one) I am sure I wouldn't get anything done...
    Enjoying your blog!! Glad I stumbled onto it!

  18. The Hubs is a real pain in the ass when he is sick, and he is the first to admit it! He hates it when he is sick and admits that. But, on the other hand, he is terrific to me when I am sick. It is HORRIBLE when we are both sick because we don't want to be near each other. :-)
    Your pictures are always so great to look at! Love the ones with the boys and the phones, too cute.
    You are always welcome at our house to cook and clean, then you can come to WDW with us. And just so you know, I have a great selection of WINE - I am and amature collector!! :-)

  19. Crazy as usual.
    ROFL that your cleaning lady fired you!??! Does that actually happen?
    Cute pic of the boys! Love it!
    Yes, men are babies when they're sick. It's ridiculous.


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