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Friday, August 15, 2008

And the bug that keeps giving and giving

Well this morning was a great one, NOT! Caden was up at 2ish burning up and screaming his little head off. I got him in our bed, gave him some meds to bring the temp and tried his favorite thing the wash cloth. Lot's of screaming and whining he finally went to sleep, only after we kicked Rick to the couch so Caden could roll around on his side. When I got him up he had a little fever but nothing like early this am. I knew it would be a short day, but I had a lot to do at work plus we needed phone coverage. Fingers crossed someone can do the phones so I can leave early to take him home.

Well my plan of leaving at noon turned into 1:30pm, I dropped off some drawings to be copied and begged oh so nicely that they could please deliver them ASAP. I ran and picked the boys up and called my mom to see if we could come up there where it would be cooler. She was taking Dad to an appointment but told us to head up. We stopped at home to get a few items and up to their house we went. It was great Cole and Bapa went to the waterfront, while Caden, Monnie and I hung out at the house under the fans. Monnie made a picnic lunch and down towards the water we went. The boys even got in the water to cool off a little, it was a great way to end this crazy day.

I got home put the boys in bed and started my training. Then at the end of it I hear Cole coughing. I go into my room to find him gagging and then oh yeah you know it puking on my bed. I get the bedding taken care of and then him on the couch with a puke bowl. Get myself back in front of the computer and hear he puking, thankfully in the puke bowl. I have just enough time to clean out the bowl and get it back in front of him before my new jobs starts. I'll let you know how it goes!

Well I thought I would log back on and quickly tell you how much fun I just had. So many crank callers that are loser and have nothing better to do then make obscene calls, but then I got some really nice people too! All the operators log on to a conference IM and talk the whole time, it was a blast! It's now 1:30am and I'm so pumped I can barely go to bed, but I so need to. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes, and if any of you need a part time gig let me know! I'm off to bed, hopefully the puke will stop. I doubt it Cole is back out here in the living room groaning and Rick just got home. LOL it was so funny when he came home and I'm taking these calls I felt like that lusty lady taking calls ... OMG it was too funny! Night Night

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