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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to being part of the world ...

Wow having no computer for a few days really shows you how much you are connected to the world thru electronics. I was climbing the walls, chewing off my nails ... well I guess it really wasn't that bad, just in my mind! So here's a recap of our crazy few days! I wouldn't want you to be deprived from the craziness!

Friday was crazy trying to catch up on all the work I put off so I could make the crazy dash to drop off the proposal yesterday. I was really knee deep in paperwork, and this is literal. Since I was in such a crazy rush on Thursday I got up to quick in my chair which shot back like a pinball and hit the edge of my desk. In a normal day (ok not even then) it hit a few, like 5 or so file folders. This created a wonderful sight of folders flying, paper going in every direction and other items all over my floor. It would look like an art project that Cole would make for me. And since I was so busy to get out the door I didn't have time to pick it up so here I sit with paper everywhere and a few footprints, because you know it's so hard to resist putting your foot on paper on the floor. At least this is the reason I'm coming up with for people to do this in my office. My day consist of paper sorting and a little hair pulling (my own this time, not the boys). I had to take a co worker to the airport which was oh so much fun in mid day Friday Traffic, got back to the office just in time to go pick the boys up.

Daycare is getting new furniture so it looked so bare when I walked in all the kids piled in the center of the room like the ghost of the couch wouldn't let them in the spot where it once sat. I talked the boys into go towards the car. I sent Cole around to his side when I put Caden in his side. I almost had Caden strapped down when I heard a funny, but familiar sound. I look under the car and see a stream going down the driveway. I run around the side of the car to find Cole standing there peeing! I so calmly asked him what he was thinking and I got the blank look like I was crazy. I had to pee is all I got. Really and you figured right here was the right place. Darn my dad for showing Cole that boys are special and can go potty outside. I tried to explain in my oh so nice calm voice that he was ONLY allowed to go pee outside when we were down at the my parents waterfront BEHIND the tree when we couldn't hold it to walk up to the house. This went over his blank face like everything I tell him. In the car we go, need to feed everyone and get ready for the night.

The fun is over for the night right? I put the boys in the tub and started to sort the clothes, now don't get that shocked look. My so called "Laundry Room" is the washer and dryer stuck in the hallway in front on the tub. I almost finished my first load when I heard a scream, I turned my head that's how close I was. To see Cole scrambling out of the tub screaming "He pooped in the tub!". OH boy I walk the three steps to the tub (hey it's a small house) and see a great amount of floaters. Ok that's the limit of bodily functions outside of the toilet today boys. I dry everyone off and start the task of scrubbing the tub and all the toys. I was so beat it was kind of nice to go to bed early tonight since I didn't have a computer to do the 2nd job.

Saturday we got up early for a nice breakfast. Mom called and asked if I could get a babysitter to watch the boys so I could help her in the yard. I tried everyone, can you believe people were sleeping at 8am? I mean come on we've been up and already had breakfast by this time of the morning. After much calling and no good responses I told mom sorry. She called back an hour later to ask if maybe I could try to come up and let the boys play in the yard. So I got everyone loaded up and thought we would stop by Old Navy to pick up a few pairs of $7 jeans that were on sale for the boys. Can I tell you I didn't have my thinking cap on that day. I got there to find the whole mall was packed I finally found a spot loaded up the boys and made my way to the mall. I walked into Old Navy to find a line that wrapped around to the back and back out the front door. Did I miss something is it the day after Thanksgiving? I didn't have my girls to stand in the line while one of shops and then we trade that way you make it thru the line faster. It's the only way to roll for Black Friday. But today should just be a normal day, hey it's only a week before school, ding back! Back to the car we go, while I loaded up I saw a friend of a friend. She took my spot and asked if I was going to the birthday party. Yes I'll be there tomorrow. Oh no the blank look, did I mess up again? Yes I did it is today at 3pm not tomorrow. Oh boy ok it's going to be a busy day, up to moms we go.

Well 1 hour of my yard work went perfect, Caden played by himself because you know Cole couldn't sit for the life of him. My girlfriend stopped by and played with the boys for a little while. But when she left all heck broke loose, Caden was no longer ready to sit and be nice, Cole was screaming and running around like the wild boy he is. Between me running around trying to make everyone happy and help my mom out at the same time. After 2 hours of me sweating from running around not really hard work and mom trying to keep Cole in line I figured it was time to leave.

We get home with enough time to grab the presents, thankfully this time I bought them in advance. And change my clothes, I'm looking pretty good at this time and the boys are "mostly" clean it's as good as it gets. We get to the party that was so busy, wish I had this turn out. The even rented an jumpy house, Cole was in heaven. It was a fun day, and oh so exhausting no computer again so I might get a little sleep tonight.

Finally it is Sunday and one more birthday party to go to. My day started out with a bang again speaking literally. Bra snapped in half and of course it was my back up one, since the other one died a while back and I never got around to replacing it. Guess it's time to go shopping and Rick is home so I can do this with out a huge train behind me. I got everyone feed and off I went. First I stopped by work to print the directions to the party, thankfully I did since the location had moved. Poor Jana went to check out the location to find a big pile of dirt where the playground had once been! I then went over to do my shopping, another ding bat move it's Sunday and they don't open until 11am. 15 minutes before they open, so much for a quick trip. I quick run for coffee and the stores where open by then. I pick up the birthday gift before I venture to the clothing store my least favorite task. Of course they don't have the color or size I needed so I had to go to the other store, the one Rick told me to go to last night that I said oh no worries I like the other one better and they always have what I need. Kiss of death I know. So I drive back to the other store and pick up what I needed.

I get home and thankfully with a call earlier to Rick, Cole is dressed except for shoes. I run in put on the new items I bought, squeezed into a pair of jeans that were loose a few weeks ago and loaded everyone in the car. I follow the directions and of course end up going the wrong way and need to turn back around towards the other way. Then I drive by the location and am going around in circles looking for a familiar face. Then I'm about to give it another try when I hear, Mom my stomach hurts. And look back just in time to see Cole puking, I pull the car over to the side of the road. Again sorry to whoever was behind me. Clean Cole up and my car, got to love baby wipes they always come in handy. I'm about to head home when I see the party and this same moment the sky opens up and a flood of water comes down on us. I'm running around the parking lot trying to find the entrance. Cole just loved it there was a boy around his age that became "my best friend" of the day. He was soaked and Caden was eating all the fruit. The party was fun, Cole had a nice break and didn't seem to feel bad any longer. I could only wish to have a day like that!

We get home and into dry clothes and the boys crash, and I took advantage and had a 20 minute nap before my cell started to ring. Dad calling to tell my the computer is ready! I told him we'll be up shortly to pick it up, finally I can reconnect to the world! We load everyone up and off we go. Mom was so sweet and packed us dinners for the next few days. I was all set computer working and easy meals already made. Now hopefully the boys will stay down for the night, some how I don't see that happening. One more week until school! The count down begins.

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