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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a whirl Wind of a few days ...

Well it looks like we're all settled into are new roles, ok maybe not settled but coping? Are first night was a little rough. I don't know how these parents do it and can understand how hard it must be not to control the environment your child is in. It's going to be a trial and error with the language barrier but I think we're doing pretty good. We had a few items he wanted you know like an extra blanket, I know why would one want that. Plus did I mention our internet has died again?

So let's see a recap of the past few days, since I know mylife is so comical that you couldn't miss out on a minute of it right?

Well Wednesday started off with a fload of emails from the host place with some items he needed like the blanket. Poor kid is in a foreign country with a little knowledge of the language and in a strange persons house. I mean strange in the most loving way of my family, because to others strange may be a stretch of the word. Ok by stretch I may be stretching it ... LOL I just crack myself up. So I think we made it thru the request and helped everyone feel like at ease. My dad even came up to try to fix his laptop, with no luck. The host people ended up coming over and staying for a few hours. They got his internet work (I'm not even going to talk about that). And he was able to live chat with both his mom and dad. My dad took Cole for a drive and to pick me up some milk, don't I have the best dad? So I first whole day was a little rocky, but I think we'll make it out on the better end.

One thing that the host people asked is that our student go visit the other student instead of going to my daycare lady. I was trying not impose on them, but I guess they alreay cleared it with them. After I dropped the boys of at daycare I swung over and dropped him off at their house. Very busy day at work, the receptionist is gone so I'm doing her job and mine which is always fun. But hey I think I look good in several hats, just not usually at the same time. I was able to get out a 1/2 hour early to pick up Roy and run quickly to Target to pick up the chips they told us to bring. Of course we run in and get in a line, it never fails the line I choose is the problem child. The lady in front of me is buying things off her registry, well they didn't give her the 10% off and the manager gets called over. Instead of setting her aside and starting my to ring up my chips and the diapers, they continue to talk right there. Plus the lady wasn't moving an inch from her stuff and got very heated with the manager mind you still right in the lane. Even when the guy wrung up my items, she still stood there. Now I totally understand why she's upset, but just move your butt 3 inches so I can run my card. Darn where is my wagon when I need it. So after gently bumping her with my butt, hey I asked nicely to move well as nicely as I could thru gritted teeth! We hop in the car of course now I'm running tottaly behind and still need to grab the boys to go to the silly BBQ. Ok from my previous post you know my hubby is NEVER on time. So of course the day I'm running behind (not my fault this time) and he only has 1/2 before he gets back to work. So of all days for him to be on time today was not the day! So we get there 20 minutes late, get in the long hot dog line, I rush each boy to fill their plates and oh yeah drop off my chips (the ones I had to bring) to the PILE that is overflowing on the table and oh yeah under the table also! I run Rick in real quick to see the daycare and Cole's new room, he then has to rush back to work leaving me with 3 boys to finish eating and to tour the facility. It was a crazy windy so my napkins and the empty of bags of chips (the ones that I HAD to bring and made me late) kept flying over to this lady who was getting very grumpy at me. So after the 3rd dirty look I decided I better move before I hit her boiling point especially since we're at a Christian School. I take the boys to see the daycare room which of corse is full of toys and I had to pry Cole, I mean gently ask him to pick up the toys and move towards the door. When then headed to his PreK room where they give us a piece of paper with a scavenger hunt. So picture this I have Cole running around (since he of course ate a cookie full of sugar), Roy trying to hide behind the door and Caden in his sun stroller (at least it wasn't the big stroller) trying to keep everyone together and looking for these 10 items! Yup I lost Cole's attention the first 3 minutes, Roy slipped out the door and went in a corner and Caden was not happy about being put in the stroller any longer. I then have to bolt over to were Cole is dumping the scissors everywhere, leaving poor Caden in the middle of the room. I turn around to see a little boy pushing Caden in circles. And then I run back over there to grab my son and the mother says a snipe comment about me leaving him and walks away. Hello the room is as wide as a small bedroom and he was less than 4 feet away from me on the other hand your child was less then a inch for you and you proceeded to let him do that to my son. Oh yes you know it I make friends were ever I go, I can tell this mom and me are going to be great friends! After the explosion of scissors and maybe a few markers I gather everyone up for our family picture. Roy got a big smile that he got to be part of the picture. Then we head for the door, where sticky hands Cole grabbed another mini brownie. Oh yeah this is going to be a fun night.

I get us all load for the short drive home and then unload quickly. Roy heads right to his room and closes the door, poor guy I think we may scare him. After a quick bath I try the internet again, no luck it's dead and yeah now so is my computer! I call Qwest to switch services and see is there any way I can pay extra for speedy delivery, no such luck no internet for the next few days. After 1 hour on the phone I'm exhausted and def because of course everytime I get on the phone Cole decides it's time scream to get my attention. At one point the guy asked me how many kids I have, then he made the comment about how he would only want one. Oh just you wait buddy, one can make plenty of noise. Yup I use to be that believer also and I'll be the first to admit I use to say "my kid will NEVER do that" oh yeah I think God is paying me back for those comments and the looks I may have given parents before I was one!

Well the lady for the train table came, one less thing in the living room all I need now is a toy box for all the toys we had to move to put Caden in Cole's room. I keep finding ones on craigslist but they keep going so fast, I may have to break down and buy one. I told Cole it was time for bed and I think Roy thought him too because he went back into his room and shut the door for the night. Well it's finally quiet around the house I should use the time to watch my movie that came but I'm too tired to move.

I'll try to post tomorrow but with no internet, we'll see what happens.

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