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Monday, August 11, 2008

Fingers Crosssed ... drum roll please

Today started out awesome I was able to get a few hours of sleep since I was up all night cleaning and making sure the house was ready for the visit! I groaned as the alarm went off and rolled out of bed, thankfully I ironed my clothes last night. Now stop laughing I gave up on fancy clothes when I started this job that is more relaxed then my last stuffy job. However today since I'm meeting the host people I thought my capris and T-shirt might not say I'm the best person to host a child. I even put a little curl in my hair, watch out world ... oh there goes that flicker, nope not going back to dressing up and wearing nylons and heels! On a great side note the curtain that I so gently urged Rick to finally put up in Cadens room might have worked. He slept until the time I was running out the door. I almost forgot about the little guy, since he was being so quiet. Oh stop that, Rick is home if that happened. Just playing Cole would never have let me leave with out his baby.

I got to work and my butt barely had time to warm the seat before I was off and running. First a trip to the airport and then back to the office, then off to pick up some prints, then back to the office and oh yeah back in the car to drop off those prints to Kent. Walking yesterday made my body a little achy and sitting in a car for the whole day wasn't giving me any hope of feeling those legs again. Before I knew it, it was time to leave to go home and meet the host people. I left hoping I could get there a few minutes before them and do any last minute checks. No luck they were sitting in the driveway when I got there. Very nice people the interview went only like 15 minutes, Rick showed up the last 2 minutes of it. So here's the fingers crossed moment, they will give us a call in a week to let us know if were going to host. I guess the kids come a week before school so if we're a go then we'll be having a host child the last week of the month. I'll keep you posted! On a funny note they stopped by Grandma Pat's before they came to our house. They said they meet the boys, oh boy what did Cole do ran thru my mind. I ask oh was he being crazy, he get's a little happy and shows off around new people. They said that he was very shy and didn't talk, REALLY? Are you sure you met my son? LOL got to love the little guy he put on his good face.

After they left I ran to pick up the boys, since I figured I would leave them there so I could actually talk with them. See this is where the truth comes about your kids always better when you're not around. I can only hope since we start school soon, and I don't want to have the kid that get's kicked out. Oh how I loved seeing the principal when I was young, don't think I'll enjoy it now that I'm older. Ok back on track I go! Ran quickly to Target, because you know anytime I go to the store it's a run in and run out situation. You know in my dream world, before kids! Of course we walk in and Cole had to have a hotdog, I've created a monster but it does help keep his hands busy and in the cart! Cole wanted Caden to sit in the basket with him. Oh great now even less room for items, that's ok this maybe the new way to curb extra spending. Hmmm idea (insert light bulb here) :). I didn't go in the back of the store so it actually wasn't too bad of a trip.

Back home we go to feed the boys and get them in the bathtub. While they were playing in Cole's room I took the queue to get off the couch and go water the front yard. You know you're getting old when you go out in a housecoat passed down from your mom, slip on shoes also from your mom and oh yeah a headbad from your mom to water the front lawn. Mind you I'm the corner house facing the street, so of course you have to be polite and wave to everyone that passes. What a sight I was, you could even see that they waved but looked at me like who is that looney lady? Yup that's me, and no pictures!

Rick had a class to go to so it's a night to curl up and watch what I want to. To bad it's the summer time and nothing is on TV and no movie have come yet. Darn, guess I'll go see what I have to eat. Geez get out of the freezer you don't need that ice cream, be strong! Glad to say it's still sealed and in the freezer, see Rick got all peeved about that ice cream and it's still sitting in the freezer with the lid sealed on it. On a side note that's good for me, I can't sneak a bite or 10 since it's open! I'm going to bed now before I bake a cake or something.

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