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Monday, August 25, 2008

Have I lost my mind?

Really I think I have, because I'm just walking around in a dream world and just saying and doing whatever I want. Today I decided I better call the PreK that Cole starts oh you know next Tuesday! You know it would be nice to find out what school supplies he needs, because shopping this weekend won't be crazy at all. Knock Knock did I just sleep thru my experience at Old Navy this weekend. Then oh yeah when is that BBQ you have for the family before school, oh this Thursday no problem at all! Oh yeah when is my first payment due? This Thursday also, you got it not a problem at all. What happened did I all of a sudden morph into June Cleaver? No problem hunny would you like a night cap with that too? Don't mind me while I dust, make dinner, shop for the kids and oh yeah have a full time job and the rest on my plate! Let's just add on last minute shopping for school supplies and oh yeah the dress code! By the way you need to bring a box of individual packet chips for the BBQ. Hold on world I think I may just morph into Godzilla soon!

Then I get home clean up, do some laundry even though I did 2 loads yesterday and start some dinner for everyone. Then I just got settled in and got on my computer to write this blog. Well this blog did start at 8ish, but I'm telling you it's ending closer to midnight! So here I am exhausted and totally spent for the day. Around 8ish I get a call from the host people, they are in a jam and need someone to take a 11 year old boy. Sure I think that would be fine, when will he be coming? Oh tomorrow? Sure not a problem at all, oh you need me to pick him and his cousin up from the airport tomorrow at 1:30pm! That would be fine, then I hang up the phone and realize what the heck did I just do? Rick isn't even home and I just agreed to have a host student come tomorrow, the room isn't ready and either are we. I put my tail between my legs and call Rick, he took it better than I thought. He came home ate a quick dinner and we got to work on the room, we moved Caden's bed out, cleaned up Cole's toys and condense Cole's room to move Caden in. After cleaning up the now guest room, don't even ask about the closet, it looks like the closet from that movie that I can't remember the name for the life of me. We took apart Cole's bunk beds thankfully for mom and dad it's a great bed that is really like two beds stacked on top of each other. To move this new bed we had to take both doors off and then figured that didn't even work we had to take the headboard off too. Talk about a nightmare, Caden fell asleep on the couch and Cole of course bounced off the wall. He truly was bouncing, now that he didn't have a bed above his bed it became a bouncing room. Geez, I'm not even going to talk about the food items I found under Cole's bed. So here it is almost midnight and I'm putting the boys into there new room. The new guest room is clean and set up, hey he only 11 so the closet doesn't need to be open right?

Oh boy what have I gotten us into ... LOL! It should be fun, plus hey another boy! I told you all that if I had another kid it would be a boy, since even the fish is a boy I'm way out numbered now. Well off to bed I go, I'll keep you posted on our new housemate.

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