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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Angels On Sunday (Matchbox had it right on this one)

Wow is all I can say about today. It started with a lovely wake-up at 4:43am by Cole who was up and wanting to watch cartoons in our bedroom. Now this was an unwelcome wake up but to make matters worse Caden had woke up about an 1/2 hour before this and I just got him to fall asleep and hadn't moved him back to his bed yet. So jumper rue Cole screaming for cartoons of course woke Caden right up. Now one kid awake before 5am on a Sunday is enough to give me a headache but both boys up. At least they weren't screaming they were both laughing at how funny it was too see sleepy mom trying to function.

5:30am clicks by and I finally convince Cole to go back into his bed and watch his movie. Armed with a fresh bottle I try to put Caden back to sleep and in his bed before I pass out. And that darn ache that started behind my left eye has moved behind the right eye, I'm praying that he goes back down soon. So 6am rolls around, Caden is asleep but Cole is screaming his movie is over. Grrr ... Now the headache has taken over both eyes and I'm running into walls not from the sleep in my eyes but the pounding eye popping out feeling I'm having. Restart his movie and go back to bed, as soon as I about to fall asleep I hear "it's over". Struggling to my feet and find they aren't functioning ... I guess I need to unwrap the blankets from my feet! Restart the movie and back to sleep I go, before I know it it's 8am and Caden is up for the morning. One weekend I will get more then 5 hours of sleep.

Ok coffee gods I'm needing some serious help here. After two cups I'm moving at half speed, still trying to get this headache to maybe just pick one eyeball. Before I can refill another cup Cole is up and rolling. I guess it's time to make breakfast, french toast and sausages it is. A quick tub for the boys and we're dressed and ready to go to see The Blue Angels. It turned out to be a beautiful day to watch the airshow. Cole and Daddy really loved it, Caden was a little unsure of the noise. I was able to read my book while the boys watch the planes and then we walked around a little while. Rick picked Caden up and then put him back in his seat, me not being the quickest today didn't strap him in right away. You know what happened next head first onto the pavement. We have the best huge red dot on our forehead now, I swear these boys can get hurt with a rubber spatula. Cole I noticed this morning is sporting a shiner under his eye, who knows when or where that came from. Some days, it's just our luck since I was planning on doing 1 year pictures this coming Sunday before Caden turns 13 months. We'll look like the little Rascals, black eye and all. Well at least the boys enjoyed the airshow and enjoyed the sun.

Here are some great pictures from our time at the Blue Angel airshow:

The Boys watching the show (see Caden is getting ready to escape out of the chair)
Cole flying the blue Angel. Yikes watch out!
Caden just chillin' now why couldn't he have stayed in the seat?
The Nasty Bump (this pic doesn't show how red it really is)

Thought you would enjoy this, Cole was so sweet about his brothers bump that he ran into the house to get him a band aid for his head. What a sweet kid at times it makes you forget "almost" about all the other fun stuff that he does on a daily basis.
The Band aid thanks to brother!
Poor Rick didn't get home until very late so he was in need of some sleep, before I can run to work to finish up some work for first thing Monday morning. So Rick gets a nap and I get the joy of watching Monster House once more! Do you think I can hide the DVD with out getting to many complaints? Your right my headache that is now just a dull ache would come back full force from all the whining. Back to my favorite movie I go, maybe I can check out mentally for a moment or a nap ... I know I need to wake up from this daydream it isn't happening anytime soon, like years down the road!

I've figured out the difference between men and woman. When I have the kids I stay home so I don't waste gas and money, but when I have to go to work Rick immediately packs them in the car. Woman we are always thinking of the bigger picture, this may cause me my sanity but I'll save money. Men are thinking don't you dare lock me up with the kids! Food for thought, more tomorrow!

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