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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Wednesday right?

Today was just a normal day, you know Rick was sick and I had my phone interview for the part-time weekend call center! Yup nothing busy on this end, it just wouldn't be my life with out a little craziness right? How did my parents ever do it? They always made life just look so simple and easy. I guess on the outside the house and its surroundings always looked perfect, but maybe underneath there was more to the eye? I'm not sure but juggling a full time job, the boys, paying the bills (or at least figuring out who to pay and who can wait) and just trying to keep on top of the daily house things can drive you batty. Maybe this is why I am a little nutty and see the world in my nutty way. Hmmmm ... something to think of, you know in between loads of laundry, watering the yard/plants and oh yeah making sure that everyone gets everything they need in a timely matter. Or at least in a blink of an eye because you know we may just die if it doesn't happen in our time frame.

Well thankfully Rick was home sick, I'm sure he didn't think of it that way but I used it to my advantage. While I called the call center I took the boys into the bedroom with him. Peace and quiet right? NOT! Oh yeah, Cole escaped by escaped I mean opened the door and walked out while Rick watched him. He then came over to me who mind you is waving her hands like a moron trying to keep him quiet and out of the dinning room. Oh yeah all the while I'm training online with this very nice lady, who pretended oh so nicely not to hear the constant questions of "I'm hungry" "I want Spaghetti O's" "MOM ... I'm talking to you". This whole time I'm nodding (like she can see me) and saying intelligent things like "Oh yeah" "That's great" "Uhm", mind you I'm still waving my hands and snapping at Cole (I'm talented like that). I truly love the person that inventing these hands free ear buds, if I didn't have one of those I would have been a tangle of cords and whatever was on the table that I kept waving over. Oh geez if only you had a UTube video over this you could also see how my head was about to explode, steam came out and oh yeah I went from shades of Red to Violet to another shade I'm not even sure has been named yet. Idea ... I could invent a new Crayola color that all moms would know it instantly. Color ideas here!

Rick did grab the boys and gave them a bath, which last a total of 2 minutes (thank you phone timer). Then he took Caden with him (the quiet one) and let Cole run back over to ask more questions. Oh my gosh I'm so glad this job is very late at night when everyone is asleep or at least LOCKED in their rooms (oh stop with that look, his room has one of those plastic things that go over the knob). Well at least it use to have one on it, he learned if you stick a train track in it you can pop it right off! That's my boy!

My 30 minute training session went well with all the interrupts and shhings. It did feel like at least a few hours but again thank you phone timer it was only 30 minutes. And just for more fun they want me to do a 2nd training session tomorrow, phew at 8pm. Do you think I can get the boys to bed early? Stop laughing! I'm sure I'll have yet another funny adventure for you tomorrow.

After dinner Rick said he needed gas for his car. I suggested we all go, you should have seen his face it was priceless. One of those times you wish you had a camera for that one. Hey a little time when you can strap the kids down is all good for mom. I was able to close my eyes and enjoy the constant question's from Cole. Why was I so excited for him to talk? And now Caden will talk soon too. Oh boy, do you think it's bad to want to have earplugs? Oh ok I guess I'll just become a guy and learn selective hearing like Rick!

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