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Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the hits keep coming ....

Well today is one of the busiest days at work, I was locked in my room for most of the day. How come a closed door means nothing at home or work? I mean come on the bathroom door is closed for a reason, no it doesn't mean oh mom just accidentally closed that of course she wants me in there! And then at work, no it means she would love for me to come in and ask for her help. And look she has a new hair style it's standing on end! HELLO it's from pulling on my hair from you crazy people keep coming in here asking silly questions that can wait until later! From all these lovely interruptions I was running so behind.

Well the plan (I know stop laughing soon one of you is going to really bust a gut) was to leave at 2pm, the proposal was due at 4pm in Olympia about a 40 minute drive in good traffic. At 2 o'clock I was running around grabbing all the help I could get. I think I may have set a rug burn fire from my feet running and not leaving the floor. I sent a very nice co-worker over to make laminated copies of the cover. Poor guy got there took 2 minutes to laminate and stood in line 20 minutes. Mean while I can't bind the proposal with out the cover so I'm pacing the front lobby. I think the receptionist was about to throw a stapler at me, or at least move me over before I burned a whole in front of the door! Finally she took pity on me and call him, he was at the light not even a minute away. But wait guess what today is you know it give burn the boot, it's a wonderful charity the firemen put on. The bad thing in my situation is my runner is stuck at the light where the firemen are walking door to door to get donations. So at 3:02 he pulls up and so nicely tries to help, I think I may have bounced him with my hip to move. Sorry! I was done and in the car at 3:09, oh yeah 51 minutes to make it there! I can do this I start out great moving with traffic just a little over the speed limit. Then it happened the brake lights started and we went to 10 miles an hour, oh please no only 12 more exits to go! Then light showed down on my car and the sea of cars parted, ok really this didn't happen but it did start to move again. Thank the makers of google maps I made it to my destination that I've never been to before with, now get this, 3 minutes to spare! They were only on the 2nd floor and the elevator was in my favor so I didn't have to sweat my way up the stairs, because you know sweat on the proposals may not be my best foot forward! I walk it oh so nicely into the office, oh only after I passed it twice! 1 minute to share ... oh ok maybe 40 seconds, but it was there before the deadline. I think I scared the receptionist when I handed it over and stood there, hey I wanted to see the time stamp go down. Nope no luck she just told me she would give it to them, I don't budge that easy. Yup I stood there until she got up and took it back, only then did I breath and go back to the car! And then sat in traffic to go home, what an amazing day.

I picked the boys up and homeward bound we go, sure it will be a relaxing night? Yeah right, oh I forgot my dad called on my way home and said he's on his way to the house to look at the broken computer! Oh crap ... the house is a mess like usual, but I always clean up before my clean freak parents (I mean this in the most loving way) come over. Like I've said before they are so clean I could only wish to be half as good! Well I knew I wouldn't make home before he got there, so I turned on the bat signal for Rick. HELP!! He was slammed with paperwork and so nicely (yeah right) offered to go clean. I must say I've found the answer to my cleaning prayers! Just send a bat signal to Rick, I walked in the door to a fresh smelling house. I mean literally "good" smelling he even sprayed fluffy stuff! My floors were clean and the dishes were done. For a minute I even thought he made the bed, which even I don't usually do I think it's my inner child revolting from childhood making it every day, but no worries he didn't. But he made the house sparkle, my savor! Dad worked on the computer for a while before he called it DOA, ok a bunch of computer geek terms were used that flew over my head. All I heard was I'm taking your machine and will try to fix it! Yup that's the way my life always goes, we'll see if it's back in time to do the second job Friday night. Fingers crossed everyone!

Dad did bring a little sunshine to this damp day, mom had packed a bunch of dinner foods! All homemade yummies, the kids and Rick may fall over from surprise. Homemade mac and cheese for dinner tonight, I never saw Cole shovel in the fast before! Well he usually eats fast, but this time he made sure it all made it in his mouth that's when you know it's good!

It's been a day I think I'll put everyone to bed early and take a breather and maybe a glass of wine. More to come I'm sure of it!

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