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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A look into the future of having two boys ...

Yet another crazy day at work I didn’t get out of there until almost 6pm and of course my gas light was on. Ran to Costco to sit in what felt like Gas Wars, the lines are just crazy these days. It reminds me of those stories dad would talk about, you know the stories your parents would say “Back in the day when I was young” your eyes would gloss over and you would think you were dying while they went on about walking in the snow and gas prices. Well now that I’m older and see he wasn’t totally clueless like I use to think, I’m sitting in this crazy line and my dad’s voice pops into my head. Back when gas was .25 cents (and that was expensive) you could only get gas on certain days and you would sit in long lines. Yup that is where my mind went as I sat there and also thought about that article I read about people having “Pump rage” and going crazy attacking people. I’d almost love to see something like that right now instead of sitting there looking at the people next to me on either side, we do the polite nod and pray that we’ll move forward soon. Yes I know I’m crazy and my mind really needs to stop wondering since I just had a honk behind me to move forward. Hmmm … maybe having a little “pump rage”!

Pick the boys up and homeward bound we are. Quick dinner for everyone, I finally just collapsed on the couch. Between lack of sleep and just plain old run down I ran out of steam. I was very excited to see the first season of Army Wives arrived. A while back I stumbled on a marathon they had going on Lifetime and was totally hooked. The bad thing was I came in on episode 7 so I missed the first 6. I put it on my blockbuster queue and it was on VERY LONG WAIT forever, but thankfully it arrived yesterday. I sat down and watched 2 of them and it was great to see how everyone met and got a little of the inside scoop that I’ve been missing. I had a nice relaxing time, Cole’s New Best Friend stopped over to come play. It was rather peaceful for Caden and I to just hang out.

Rick came home a while later and we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart for the TWO items I needed. The neighbor boy asked if he could come along also, we said we needed to ask his mom and hey why not meet her too. While shopping I got a glimpse what it is going to be like when Caden is older and him and Cole run around the store. By the time I made it back up to the front of the store I was feeling that headache to come back from my right eye. I had little voices ringing in my head “Can I have that” “Will you buy me that” “It’s not me” “He said this…”. Oh yeah that was a wonderful experience I think I’ll stick to my two only when I go to the store, I so have cemented my thoughts about having a 3rd. Yup I’m sticking at two … Ha-Ha.

Back home for a quick dinner and to get everyone to bed. And I thought I was exhausted before.

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