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Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the toner goes on ...

And the toner goes on and on …. I think every piece of my clothing has a magnetic to attract loser “waste” toner since yet again I look down and see a huge black mark across my chest. Like I need a huge neon arrow pointing to my chest! I really need to run away and have Calgon take me away. Oh wait a bath tub with bubbles is just an invitation for 2 boys to run screaming and throwing bubbles everywhere. Yup the bathroom is no longer a place of piece, it’s just another room that the door is not allowed to be shut at anytime. If you make the mistake of closing the door it will just swing up with a burst of screaming and crying. Like somehow closing the door has turned the bathroom into a space shuttle that rocket me to another plant. One can only wish.

Ok back to reality and the constant parade of people that keep coming into my office asking about the copier machine. I now know the true meaning of going postal! Next person that comes in may get something stapled to their head! It is driving some people nuts I think it may make their heads explode. This guy is the typical maintenance person that is always stereotyped being slow and not very up and up on how to fix things. His inability to get the copier fixed in the time frame he gave us is making people see red. And you got it I’m the one that keeps getting all the questions and frustration why he’s not done.

So I had this bright plan to leave early, which since I came in an hour early would be on time. I had this great plan to take the boys to the zoo. Tarra and I got a zoo membership, which is going to be GREAT I can take the boys they can look around and I can get in my walking. Win win for everyone involved! Well that plan didn’t pan out at all, the copier finally was done let me see 4:30pm!! So of course I had a plan that needed to go out and oh yeah be hand delivered also! So here’s a picture for you, me taking a 100+ page document sending it thru the fax machines document feeder! Oh yeah life is grand, plus sending my runner to the local copy shop to make copies of 11x17’s because of course my fax machine doesn’t do that.

So an hour later than I wanted I made it out of the office, to pick up the boys oh yeah and drop back off the ground package that also had to go out. Made it to the zoo with an hour before they close, good times is all I can say! Ok pulling two kids in the wagon is hard work! I took a look at myself in the review mirror after I was done and let me tell you it was a sight! Thankfully most people were gone by the time we go there, if not they have run screaming from the zoo.

What we have to ride?
That's ok mom I don't mind be strapped in.

Look at this mom! MOM!!!!

Mom why did we stop? Why do you look like that?

Time to go home and
I'll take my monkey home.
Back home for dinner and baths and if I can get my legs to move I might take a shower myself. Oh boy I hope the feeling comes back soon in my whole body, tomorrow morning is going to be interesting.

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  1. Ok there is no way that I can complain about what I feel is MY CRAZY LIFE as a mom! I wouldn't even think about taking my boys to the zoo on a weeknight. And I love what you said about the is so true. And forget about having any privacy when getting dressed or changed! You always go above and beyond girlie an you are an amazing mom!!!


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