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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog whisper for kids?

Where can I get a recording of this guy? If only this could work on the boys, especially Cole who again was playing in his room until late last night.

On a good note Caden had another good night and I had to wake him up when we left for daycare. And Rick thought the curtains wouldn't work, now his big complaint is the rod I picked out. I just got a cheap one, he thinks the tab style needs a wood rod, whatever dude!

Thankfully today wasn't too busy so I was able to leave a few minutes early to pick the boys up to go to the zoo. It started to sprinkle but who cares we'll be ok right? My famous words right? I always thinks it will be just dandy, haven't I learned yet? Guess not!

On our way to the zoo we passed by a bunch of trains. Cole informed me it was a train yard and then he proceeded to tell me which train was what and that it was stopped on the track waiting for another train to pass! I looked at him in amazement and thought wow reading those mind numbing books each night to him are actually teaching him and not just giving me wonderful dreams now filled with trains instead of sugarplums. Yummy food ... oh no got myself into a food frenzy ... back on track girl! I then asked him who drove the train and he looked at me like I had a 3rd eye! Maybe I should have this checked out I keep getting this look! Hmmmm He then informed me it was a engineer and he added duh mom just for effect! Oh yeah can't wait for school, he's going to come home and have to teach me the names of the plants. My plan to memorize just for the test in school is not going to help me now.

Well the zoo was much nicer today besides the sprinkle of rain and oh yeah me sweating and panting like I've just ran a marathon instead of just pulling the kids along. I'm telling you if my pants don't start fitting better soon ... well I guess eating those couple pieces of chocolate today must be stopped also? Really? See I did it again FOOD just makes my mind go wild. Ok back to the story. No pictures today I was to busy pulling my butt and the boys up a very steep hill that I looked at and thought oh this will be easy! NOT! After that I decided I couldn't walk anymore and needed to go home. After some stomping and heavy breathing (no it was Cole this time) we got in the car.

Home sweet home ... oh wait I need potatoes for dinner. So off to the grocery store, I have a plan and a list in my head (stop laughing). We run by the deli and thankfully no one is working behind the counter, sorry Cole no corn dog today. I'm running, oh ok I'm walking with a slight limp and praying that my sweat doesn't smell to bad. Back to the front we go, oh darn memory list I forgot the peanut butter. Ok back to the other side of the store, oh yeah you guessed it back by the deli. She just happened to be back from break, you want to know how I know this ... because Cole asked her where she was before! Darn one corn dog left and a Jo-Jo for little one who is freaking because Cole has something. Oh the joys of shopping with two boys! Maybe I can grow an extra set of arms and hey why not throw in some legs since these ones seem to be letting me down! Grab the peanut butter and hobble to the front. I think I lost all feeling in the left leg, just need to make it to the car. Wait use my cloth bags please, oh my gosh I've become a recycle crazed person. I'm barely making it the car and here I am wondering about plastic bags and the environment. Great super mom is now signed off to drag the limp leg behind me and a slight hunch to my back too. Now I've become the hunch back of Notre Dam ... perfect!

Rick said he was getting off early so I guess I need to get out of the car and into the house. That may also stop the boys from screaming to get out of the car too. Drag myself and the bags into the kitchen. Make up dinner for the boys and start on our dinner, and all I want to do is to take a nap. Then a faint voice calls in my subconscious ... why is it getting louder? Oh it's Cole yelling at me that it's bath time. Well at least he likes being clean. After bath time I clean the floor since there is more water on the floor then in the tub. Hey the bathroom floor is clean also! Yeah one less thing to do right? Start another load of laundry, do you ever feel like you do more laundry then clothes you own? Maybe the neighbor is sneaking his laundry in too, and then when the dryer eats those socks it eats his clothes too? Back to reality and finishing dinner, maybe Rick can help clean up. Oh I guess I slipped back into the dream world. I think it's time to go to bed before I start seeing the little elf that messes the house up at night!

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