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Saturday, August 30, 2008

How much can you do in one day ...

I can tell you this because today we fit as much as we could in one day! This morning started with an early rise from Caden, nothing new here! I got the boys up a little later so they could at least sleep since I no longer get that pleasure. I made a nice breakfast, you know pulling out all the stops with toast and scrambled eggs. I know hold on to your apron Julia Child's I'm moving in! Then I put on my apron once more for a wonderful lunch of Tuna fish sandwiches. I thought I'd take the kids to the zoo today and being the thrifty (penny pincher) that I am thought I'd pack lunch instead of paying the $6 for a little chicken sandwich or whatever else they try to sell you. So I pack my cloth bag (look at me being all earth wise, really you need to stop rolling your eyes @@ they may stick that way) with the sandwiches, juice boxes and water. I pack everyone up and try to usher 3 boys in the car. Ok so I'm running 1/2 hour behind what I said I would be but at least we're all in the car. Wow is all I can say 3 boys is so much fun to get out the door everyday, I can't wait until school next week!

We picked up the other exchange student and headed to the zoo. Something must be going right I pull up to the zoo and find a spot right in front. Then we unpack the car, Cole says he wants to walk so I only take the sun stroller. Cole then tries to do his independent stunt which of course make everyone look at us. Oh please we were starting off so well! I get him to calm down we walk in right behind a guy who is smoking like a chimney since you can't smoke in the zoo, after he flicks his cigarette in the bush (yup real thoughtful). We then start our tour, I think we're doing good I may ditch the trash talking guy and his loud obnoxious family but nope they follow the same path. At least this time it isn't my kids being looked, he's taking some of the glances off us. We then stop for lunch and guess who is right behind us, yup you guessed it! The kids of course don't want tuna fish, so they pick up some food and my boys get tuna. Well at least I tried to have them eat tuna, of course since the others were eating french fries tuna wasn't good enough. So my saving ways actually cost me because if I would have just skipped using the 3 CANS of tuna I could have just bought the fries I ended up buying and oh yeah the polar bear cup too! Fun Fun! But the best part was my friendly neighbor guy who decided that the "Don't Feed the Birds" sign didn't apply to him and started to chucking Cheetos (healthy) and sandwiches everywhere. Anyone for Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds", yup that was the scene we had in the eating area. Thankfully again dirty looks and comments were directed to them, so my kid screaming that he didn't want tuna just passed right over! Yeah!

Back thru the zoo we go, let's leave now before they get up and go this way they won't find us! Who am I kidding all of a sudden I hear a lot of screaming and look over at the other hill going to the spot we're trying to get to and what do I see? My friendly guy with his kid sitting in a old school metal wagon flying down the hill! Oh yeah and almost hit a girl, that was in a cast!!! Welcome to the zoo where you see all types of animals. We ended our trip after that quickly after that since now Cole is tired and wants to ride after calming telling him I didn't bring the wagon for him to ride in since he told me he wanted to walk! We ended our trip with one last stop at the merry-go-round. And oh yeah the gift shop because the exchange students want to buy stuff, I'm happy to report we didn't break anything we just got looks from people because Cole of course found the one toy that made the most noise! Now where is that guy when I need him?

Some fun pictures from our trip to the zoo:


What I don't get to go on the Merry-Go-Round?

And this is what happens when you get home from the zoo:

One doesn't even want to get out of the car.

You can't even move your legs to get all they way on the couch.

After a quick nap we get a call from my friend Casey for a dinner date, hey why not let's do that also. So we meet up at Applebee's for dinner and have oh so much fun. You know between Caden whining and Cole doing his thing. Poor Roy what an experience to come into, welcome to America. After giving our dinning experience an hour, it's time to leave! This is what happens I forget what it is like eating out with the kids so every 6 months I try it and swear to never do it again. Hey check back in 6 months I'm sure I'll have another fun story!

Since it's now what 7:30 why not go to Wal-Mart to get our school supplies, you know it's only Saturday and school starts Tuesday for Cole and Wednesday for Roy! Sure it sounds like perfect timing! So we head to Wal-Mart to find the bins are completely empty? What empty don't they stock this stuff? Well sure they do you just need to go up and down isles and look thru a war zone that looks like the toy isle after Cole is been there! Guess what the one thing they don't have PINK erasers? Really what an odd item to run out of, guess we'll pick that up tomorrow. So after that lovely day I think it's time to go home before my legs give out, the walking is finally starting to get to me.

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