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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Parade to a Reception to a Pool Party... Just a normal Saturday

Well as you know I didn't get to bed until after 1:30am, Rick got home shortly before that so we did the end of the day catch up. I tried so hard to keep my eyes open and into the conversation, I think my Uh Hun, yeah, oh right was totally keeping in part of the conversation. Thankfully Cole had stopped puking and Caden's fever had broke. Yeah oh so much deserved sleep. Well that would have worked except Cole decided he was going to crawl into our bed at 4am to WATCH cartoons! Really dude can't you just go back to sleep, yeah right! Then he politely told me that I promised that we could go to the parade this morning. Of course I did what was I thinking? It sure wasn't I'm going to be going to bed around 2am and then I'll need to be up the next morning at 7am to drive up to my parents house. You know since driving there yesterday after work didn't put a big enough ding in my weekly gas ration, let's do it a 2nd day in a row! So of course my sleep between 4am and 7am was far from peaceful. Well if you call a foot in your face or someone smacking your face saying HI is peaceful then there you have it!

I roll out of bed and I mean this literally I almost crashed my head on the side table, I could seem to get my feet to move down to the floor first. Cole of course was wide awake and wanting to leave right now! I barely had time to run a comb thru my hair and throw on something that I hoped didn't have baby puke or dried food on it. Got Cole in the car and then work Caden up and put him in the car. Last year they closed the roads 3 minutes early, yes I know this for a fact since I had to bat my eyelashes and ask very nicely while trying to tell them I still had 3 minutes to get to my parents house. This year I didn't want to risk this so we left early, total shocker I know! We even had time to stop and pick up some breakfast for the little one complaining that he was dying and needed to eat now. We got to my parents and waited a little bit before everyone started to gather in front and on my parents lawn for the parade. Prime real estate being a corner lot on the water, you get the best spot for fireworks and the parade. You know how great the attention span is of a 4 year old and a 1 year old, not the greatest at all. At 9:45am and mind you cars are still driving in front of my parents house, I knew I could have slept in a little longer. We were bouncing off the walls, finally at 10am the parade made it in front of the house. There were dancers, old cars and hey the city even showed off their sum pump! Hicks I guess we are! Yup that last a total of 20 minutes, well worth the morning wake up. A bag full of candy that the nice people just had to throw all over my parents front lawn (yup you got it who had to pick that all up) and 2 missing balloons. Poor Caden let go of his and then popped brothers it was a great morning, I'm so glad I got up early for this.

I talked everyone into going home for naps, yeah I can catch up on sleep! Ok well it was a great thought. Caden went right down, Cole on the other hand gave me a total of 10 minutes guess it's better than nothing. So I got up and watched a movie, why do I even try with these new movies? I tried the new Danny Devito film Just Add Water, what a weird film I guess if your into indi or whatever totally not my type of film. Took that one right back to the post office, and of course guess what's going on there? Yup a street fair with a jumpy house, guess what I'm doing tomorrow. We had a wedding to go to so I was able to convince Cole tomorrow. Got back home and Monnie called to check on the boys. Caden has a little red bumps that looks like a heat rash and she offered to pick up some stuff for it. Yeah that would be perfect! What how long until you'll be here? Oh crap I need to clean, so with in a 1/2 hour I'm sweating in streams down my face and my house looks half way decent when the pull up. Half way is a pig pen to my mom, she's awesome and always has a perfect clean house, I could only wish to have that. Monnie and Bapa stayed awhile to play with the boys it was great.

When they left I looked at the time, oh crap I need to get showered, the boys dressed along with myself. Caden of course at this time had a complete melt down, I was able to give him a bottle and get him to take a little kitty nap while I got ready. Then I ran around of course trying to find the gift, then of course the woman that saves all bags doesn't have a wedding one. Well it's polka dot's today, sorry! Then I loaded everyone in the car and off we went. I got as far as 2 blocks away before I noticed I didn't have the directions. At least it was only 2 blocks! Turn back around, run back in the house and then off we go again. I look at the clock, ok so being an hour late won't be too bad right? Oh geez one day everything will fall into place, right? Why do I keep asking this?

We got to the reception and it was just winding down, but the gang was rounding up to go to a pool party. Hey I dressed it's 90+ outside and we're already in the car, I'm so in! So we give our good-byes and head off to Heathers place that has a pool. It was the perfect way to end this day! Cole played in the pool with the other kids, Caden even stuck his feet in and test the limits of what a diaper can hold. Tarra ordered pizza and everyone sat around drinking beer, except for this "wino" as Shannon called me ... LOL love ya girl! I just had to make Heather run back into the house to break out her house warm gift! Just playing she heard me say something and was so sweet go run in and grab me a glass. What an amazing wild day and it's not even over yet, I'm about to start my 2nd day of phone calls. Fingers crossed it goes well and I don't have too many crazies or nasty prank callers.

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