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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday ... Sunday ... If only it was like a song!

Today started with an early wake up again, little Caden was up at 6:11am. Darn red eyes of the alarm clock oh how you taunt me with your glaring time! Thankfully after some rocking and shhing he feel back to sleep for an extra oh so luscious hour!

After that we were up and running, or at least I was. It the usual running around cleaning the house and wondering how it can get so dirty in a week. The host placement people are coming on Monday to see if we'll be a good host family. Hopefully it sounds like a fun thing for the kids to experience and little extra money you get will be helpful also. A win win for everyone! After cleaning until my heart was content or at least until I could no longer move my hands. Time to take a break and move on to making breakfast for everyone. Rick ate a quick breakfast before running back to work for an hour and half, well at least that is what he said something always seems to come up an it's at least 3 hours.

Well Caden turns 13 months tomorrow so I guess I better get his 12 month pictures taken today, I know I'm so on it! Thankfully my mom can meet us there so I can have an extra set of hands. I'm not sure what the picture place does to my kids but as soon as we get there it's like I gave them a pound of sugar and let them go to town. Plus mom always brings really cool props that make the pictures very cute!

Pictures were an adventure, Monnie and Bapa ended up meeting us at the studio. Caden was not in the mood to sit. Every time his butt hit the floor he started to scream! Monnie helped out a bunch trying to make him laugh and he even let her sit with him. We got some really cute pictures of him and Monnie along with a picture of Monnie and the boys. While we waited to view the pictures we walked around the mall. Well we started to we only got down two store fronts to the build a bear. Bapa suggested the boys build bears, well at least have Cole build bears for the two of them. Cole picked out a Dino and called him T-Rex ... LOL I know so creative! I picked out a monkey for Caden who we named Banana's yup we are just real thinkers. Back to pick out the pictures we wanted, we got a few good ones with out tears. Even a really cute one of Caden smiling and a huge red kiss mark on his head from Monnie. I can't wait for them to arrive!

We said good bye to the grandparents and off to the zoo we went. Hey if we get dressed and leave the house I'm making it worth our while. Thinking Sunday would be a calm day at the zoo was a HUGE mistake. It was crazy, parking wasn't too bad I found a spot on the second lot. I loaded the boys in the wagon and off we went. We of course had to see the fish first after some serious urging from Cole, I mean "MOM the fish" "MOM right now!" They had awesome costumes for the kids try on. Cole was so cute and tried them all on, when I can get my camera charged I'll add them to the post. We then went over to the shark tank and Cole didn't want to leave their, but after telling him about the elephants we were allowed to leave.

We had a great time, until I knew it was time to run to the bathroom. After 2 kids bladder control is no longer my friend. So I knew it was time to run to the bathroom which of course is were we first came in. In one hand I'm pulling the wagon and in the other I'm pulling a kicking and screaming Cole. Now returning to the bathrooms was an adventure back up the steep hill that winds around the grounds. Now thinking happy thoughts so want wet my pants along with trying to smile at all the people giving me looks because of me dragging my kid. Hey he's lucky he's walking if I thought I could do it I would bend over and put him in the wagon, but knowing the bladder is weak he's just going to have to scream and dragging behind me. Now I'm sweating from trying to waddle like a 9mo pregnant lady and pulling all that extra weight up the hill. When I hear a "funny" man say "hey I think he's spilling his coffee all over him" ha-ha. What then I turn around to see my precious little one holding my ice coffee over his head. Guess he thought he needed the caffeine? Ahhh .... I really don't have the time for this any moment and it's not going to be pretty. I have waddle over to him and grab what's left of my coffee and continue my journey to the bathroom. Wouldn't you know it, it's full! So doing the dance, which you know of course helps you loosing your cool. The lady finally comes out of the stall and I try hard not to blow by her for being slow and in the way of me and my wagon. Thankfully I hear her words as I blow by there's no paper in there! Grrrr ... I waddle as quick as I can to the next stall and back to mine. I look down and guess who has the coffee again! Oh yeah, he just wants to bath in it.

After all this I know the fun is over and we need to get home. After a very loud disapproval from Cole we head back to the car. Mind you this is yet another snake like walk way all up hill, they must really hate pregnant and moms with wagons. By the time we get to the car I look at the wagon that I must load in the back of my car. I'm sweating and thinking very bad thoughts about what I would like to do to this wagon. I huff the wagon into the car and sit there for a few minutes, I'll be that person I always hates that sits in the car. I'm not sure if I can physically drive yet, my left foot is numb and the right one is half numb. I need to get home soon before the legs get the memo to go numb too.

Phew made it home and now I think I'm just going to veg on the couch. Oh crap the host people are coming I guess I better finish mopping. Cinderella signing off until tomorrow!

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