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Friday, August 8, 2008

Anyone for used toner?

Finally the toner has left the building, well technically it's still here but it's no longer my biggest pain. The 2nd tech came back today to finish the job and after getting the round about answer I think it's nothing we can do to prevent it from happening. Don't you just love to hear that answer it's just one of those things, now here's your bill for a few thousand. It's like when your car breaks down you take it in and they say so and so is wrong wish we could have caught this earlier it could have saved you thousands. So you ask what you think is the intelligent question of ok how could I have prevented this? Well there should be a light that comes on and then a noise that tells you to completely shut-down the car right that second. You mean like when I'm going 70 down the freeway just completely shut it down? And they look at you like you just grew a 3rd eye for asking such a dumb question .... well duh yes! At this time your head is going to explode but hey don't do that they may add a few more hundred for the cleaning fee. So basically just before this your not going to get dinner just the unpleasant experience. At least back in the day I'd get dinner. LOL just playing.

So after that fun mind boggling morning we go into crap we haven't had a copier for 2 days! Alexis this needs to be done this minute! Of course it does! During this my mom calls to invite me and the boys over for dinner. Sure we would love to come over, no problem I'll be off at the usual time or a little earlier. Ok now from the past I should know never to say these words, it's the kiss of death of me leaving anytime soon! Yup you got it I got out of there almost an hour late!

Now since I'm having such a great week let's add a trip to the bank. Let me just give you a visual, pull up 3 cars ahead of me. Well I'm going to be here a while, it's Friday it's after 5pm! So I decide to be useful put in my law abiding hands free ear piece and call the call center I'm trying to get a part-time weekend night job thru. We get to talking all is going well the line of course speeds up and it's my time at the teller. I pass all my info thru and nod thinking ok I can do this I don't need to speak to her, just smile. Well of course she doesn't like my license, guess I forgot to get a new one it expired in June. Ok on a side note, I can see getting pulled over but taking money out of my own account I can't do. Do I as a person 8 years morph into a new person, so the person on my license is not even the same? So she asked for my debit card, I put that threw the window mind you still doing a mini interview over the phone. That of course doesn't work and now she wants to have a full fledged talk. So I so rudely have to put my semi interview on hold and talk with her. Great! All she wants to tell me is my license is aspired and since they forgot to put my picture on my debit card she can't give me money. Oh yeah but you can go over to the ATM, but that won't give you the full amount you need for daycare! Can anyone see a trend going on here? Who the heck did I piss off in a previous life?

Oh yeah while I'm walking to the ATM I forgot to take my cell with me while I'm doing the semi-interview on my stupid hands free which of course cuts off. Apparently you can only walk so far away from the cell phone! Oh joy so after putting her on hold, I'm now hanging up on her! Thankfully they're very nice people and when I call back she of course is on the phone, but the other lady was very nice and told me not to worry. Oh boy!

Off to daycare I go to pay with half cash and half check, yippee. I get there to a screaming crew and guess who's leading the pack. Yup it's Cole! So we pack up oh so quickly before Grandma Pat's head may explode and off to my parent's house. Thankfully Cole is at the great age where we can go walk around with Bapa and pick blueberries etc. Caden is starting to warm up to others besides my pant leg hugger he usually is. I was actually able to have a cup of coffee and a glass of wine! Mom made a great dinner, that I even remembered to bring Rick a plate home since he's out doing an event. Take that boy ... LOL.

Wow what a day I'm exhausted! Oh wait this new part-time job is Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to 1am. Oh gees I better by some stronger coffee if I'm already ready for bed at 9pm. Well just to torture myself some more I think I'll take the boys to the farmers market in the morning. Let's see how that goes, fingers crossed!

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