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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally I can sleep in ... Right?

So today is testig at Cole's school to make sure he's learning, part of the no child left behind act. I took the morning off since the testing is from 10 to 11, finally a quiet morning. Well that was what I thought would happen, instead Mario Andretti decided that the hall between his room and the bathroom was the Daytona 500. Start at 6am he would open his door go into the bathroom with a hard slam then not even a minute later go to his room close his door with a slam, and then do it all over again 5 minutes later. After 8 times of doing this the baby of course woke up and started to cry, I grab a bottle and get him to fall back to sleep. His sleep was short lived since the race started up again 10 minutes later! Finally I give up on sleep and stumble out to the front since this constent movement has to be for some purpose right? Like maybe he's hungry and today of all days he doesn't remember where he hid his stash? GRRR .... I get up find him in the front room with his jacket, did he forget we were not leaving for another hour!! No he remembered he wanted the TV on and of course I'm the only one that can grab the remote and do that! Oh geez I really am the maid/buttler everything around here! So I turn on the TV find the program that is to ones liking and offer for breakfast. No I'm full from dinner is what I get but when I throw something in the trash (no I wasn't digging this time) I see cookie wrappers, of course I do what was I thinking?

Since I'm up why not go get the baby ready and get started on myself. So I run into the bathroom to find yet another pool of water around the sink, my make up mirror out and the towel in a ball. Lord give me strength I may just snap since when I walk over to the toilet to find yet again the lid up, which I ask to be put down since Caden thinks toilets are his splashing pool. Not only that but pee everywhere!!! Ok most days I would just assume it was Cole grumble under my breath and clean it up. But this morning I had to close the door and breath so I didn't go on a rampage. Since I know Cole is sleeping and so is Rick and only one Mario has been in the bathroom SEVERAL times I know who did this. And to make me even more pissy my house cleaner just cleaned the toilet last night, can I please just have 1 DAY of a clean toilet? Really is that too much to ask? I guess so since here I am writing about pee, geez if only 10 years ago I would think hmmm when I grow up (ok when I turn 30ish) I want to be a famous blogger writing about pee and poop. Ok maybe I'm not famous and I would never have known what a blogg or blogger was but still NOT the point!

Ok so there is my recap for the morning and can you believe it's just 9AM and I've already had this much drama. Ok really stop rolling your eyes @@ I know this is probably tame to most of my mornings, so I'm leaving you know to go curl my hair and put on some make-up before I take Cole to his test. Now they say a hot breakfast is good before a test right? Does an Eggo count? And for his clothes I chose a dark courdoray pant with a really nice beige and black stripped shirt. Is this saying I wanted him to look dressy or is this a funeral look and will be bad luck for a test? Or am I totally being a crazy mom and over thinking this? Guess by the time I get any comments (which mind you I hardly ever do, and there are about 25 of you who read this really one comment) would be too late and I would have already formed his school career. So here is to Eggo's and dark clothes, please don't let my child turn out to be goth. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but having my child's hair and clothes match my car is really not my idea of color coordinating.

See Not bad right?


  1. He looks fine, Hon, Not even remotely funeral or goth or emo or whateverthehellthekidsarecallingit thesedays.
    Eggos count they are hot and they are food (besides if you notice they say kids to better compared to NO breakfast at all when you read the fine print so if you gave him cold cereal he'd be fine).

  2. Thanks I so needed to hear another mom say that. Isn't it funny how crazy we are about things. I so over think things. Hugs, Lex

  3. Roy would drive me NUTS!! He's so "bugful" as Kailey would say.
    What kind of test did Cole take? Did he pass it? I don't think Kailey's ever taken any sort of standardized test but they did tell me last year that she cleared to go into Kindergarten...but I didn't know she took like a real test!! I need to ask about that! I'm so curious how she would do! I bought a workbook with upper and lowercase letter skills in it and Kailey saw the book and said sternly "I don't like letters, Mom!!" and I said "I know. But if you want chocolate you'll have to try.." Yes, I've been bribing her. With sugar no less. Am I a bad Mom? Naw. I've been getting kinda anal about it (no not me!) Like she wanted to watch Tom & Jerry last night so I pulled up the Tivo screen and said "If you can find which one says Tom & Jerry then you can watch it"...she thinks I'm mean. I think I'm making her smart! :)
    And the picture of Cole is so cute! I dont' think I've EVER seen him smile so big in a picture!

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 28, 2008 9:12 AM

  4. I know he really loves pushing my buttons, except he'll only really talk to Rick and tell him things I need to know about school. GRRR ... some days I might just throw him (Joke).

    I'm not sure what type of test it was they took him into like 4 different rooms with 4 different teachers, I think it was what color, shape etc. I still haven't heard back about passing, I sent her another email.

    Bribing is a OK in my book! Not bad, but I have been doing Chocolate milk with no sugar just because I can't handle any more craziness :). I agree making her smart :).

    Some days he's a huge ham, because probably he was alone with me. Mom all to himself :)


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