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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your words will come back to haunt you!

You remember your mom always telling you this, when you said something around your child. You gave her the same look that you use to give her when you when in high school and she told you that you looked silly in that Hyper T-Shirt, Bleach Stand Jeans and Keds. Yup oh the days! So today on our way home I'm listening to the radio, since I just finished my last book on CD (special stop today to get a new one). So this amazing John Lennon song came on and I had a moment cranked it and started to sing along. Ok I wasn't alone so I wasn't singing like I normally would it was just low key! All of a sudden Cole in the back ground "Mom please stop". Me being like he usually is to me, "Nope". That's when my own words came out of his mouth, "I can't handle much more of this". Then classic Alexis he grabs his temples and shakes his head, oh yeah that is me to a T. It was so hard not to laugh and tell him to knock it off!
On a side note that pumpkin I just had to go get last night, yup it was so worth the $1 and all the hassle to get out the door. Cole woke up sick this morning (I think he was wanting some daddy time), so he stayed home this morning. No show -n-tell for him today, guess we can keep it for next week since they are continuing one more week for the V or Harvest item! Oh the joys of my life, it would be boring and I won't have anything to blog about! Here's to the crazy thing I call life.
I leave you with classic pictures of me! (well not me, but the "person")

So they have to take it in a bag to school.
Why not the bag I bought it in
(even though I'm a dork and brought my cloth bag in and forgot to hand it to her!)

The Fuggly Pumpkin I bought.

This is my living room tonight. The boys are playing Trains.
I think I should install a camcorder, since every night it's something different.
Roy pushing the train up to Cole.


  1. The Cole story is funny! And the fugly pumpkin is fugly!! LoL!

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 31, 2008 11:28AM

  2. I really can't believe what comes out of his mouth, it's like a little grown up. Then he turns around and pees in the front yard just so I know he's still a kid.

    I know isn't that bad, looks like fungus or maybe a slug crawling up the side!


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