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Monday, October 13, 2008

Field Trip Day (Watch out ... Crazy Camera Mom)

Yeah it's our first field trip day since the official first one we weren't able to attend. Today was field trip day to the Berry Field. So Friday I called to see if I was one of the drivers, nope they didn't need me, so I called this morning to see if I could go. The teacher is like oh you're not going to drive now? So it looks like I was on drive list, of course it is now 8am and I need to be ready and there by 8:45am. I grab the registration and my license, get dressed in record time and grab Cole. Crap forgot about the other boys, Rick can you take them to Grandma Pat's? Grumpy was oh so happy to do that, do you detect the touch of sarcasm there? We hope in the car and it's super dirty so I try to clean as much as I can. We get going and I realize I'm needing the $6 for the farm, oh man what the heck is wrong with me I had the whole weekend to get cash. I stop at the first 7-11 I see have Cole pick out a drink grab 2 bananas (because I'm a healthy mom like that) and go to check out and see the sign no cash back. Ok no worries where is your ATM, behind that latter with the guy on it? Ok back in the car, sorry dude yes you can get a drink at the next place. Stop at the next gas station I've never realized before that there are like 6 gas stations before school. Thankfully this next one lets us get cash back for the small fee. So I'm 5 minutes late not too bad considering everything. We get in the office and they need my license and my insurance card. Insurance card oh crap I so have a expired one, ok I'll just call the insurance guy and have him fax one over. Who doesn't answer there phones after 8am?? Thankfully a few kids didn't show so it was just me and Cole in the car, yup I'm so a great helper!

To the farm we go and boy was it super fun we got to feed the chickens, pick apples, dig up potatoes, ride in a hay ride and pick out a pumpkin. Cole and his partner Bella were super cute holding hands trying to avoid the big mud holes. They only got talked to a few times, I finally found another child that doesn't listen like Cole. We had so much fun minus the mud it was a very cool first field trip.
Starting our field trip, Cole's PreK Class

Cole and his buddy Bella

Stop Squeezing my hand Cole ;)

Ready to feed the chickens, here is some bread.

Feeding the chickens

Digging up Potatoes

Come on buddy

Get on the hey ride

Mom it's too heavy you carry it! Don't you love the face!

After the farm we head to the chiro since I'm starting to walk with a limp again and my back is hurting really bad. We did a pretty good job playing since they have a cool playroom for kids, we didn't have to wait that long to be seen. After being adjusted and told to go lie down with some ice I call into work yet again ... GRRR I'm so dead! Not feeling like taking Cole to daycare I take him home with the treat to be good! It actually worked he ate lunch and went took a nap! After icing and needing to stand I figure I need to take out Roy's garbage. Guess all the fun stuff I found in there, a open can of Spam (that was just opened not eaten just opened), a can of Pepsi have drank, bags of food yet again! So on a hunch I open the draw and guess what I find string cheese, a yogurt drink, bags of beef jerky and a box of cookies. Kids, and when it's not your kid what can you do? I call to the host people and find that I should take it out of his room and talk to him about it and tell him that if it happens again I'm going to have to take something away. Oh boy tonight is going to be fun, he's going to nod and say yes and then continue to keep doing it. I don't want this to be a long 7 more months! Any advice?


  1. My advice for you is vallum (I have no idea how to spell that) and perhaps some ambien for the children...oh wait pharmacuticals aren't always the answer...No I don't need rehab, just offering suggestons.
    I really don't know how you do it all. I only have one kid (plus Brian) and no job. I think your crazy for taking it all on but you seem to be doing it just fine. Hang in there honey!

  2. Rachael you're too funny and soon you will have 2 plus 1 big one and yes you do have a job. I atleast get to escape every day for a nice break with adults.

    If you're going to rehab so would I! At times I think a little medication might help me ... LOL just playing that is what Wine is for right?

  3. OMG!! I went on that same field trip with Courtney, well not where you live of course but here and it was sooooo fun!!! I'm he Grandma that likes to get involved. So glad you had so much fun and I love the pictures!
    As for Roy...try posting a sign on all the door saying "NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN ROOMS" that way he will think it's a rule for everyone not just him. Good Luck!!
    Hugs, Vanessa

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Oct 14, 2008 9:05 AM

  4. What an amazing grandma, I wish I had one like that or even if my parents were more involved like that. You're awesome! Only if we were in the same state we would have so much fun together!

    What a GREAT idea, I'm thinking of putting some house rules up there! You're the best as always!

    Hugs, Lex :)

  5. The field trip looked like fun!! And I've never seen Cole be so affectionate!! How totally cute!! :)

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 19, 2008 2:08 PM

  6. I know he totally loved Bella! I think it's his school crush! That farm was very cool, we should go there they have apples for 90 cents and you can pick them yourself. I bet the kids would love that! Let me know, Hugs!


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