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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have entered Mom Nirvana ...

Well if you don't count the screaming kids, shredding my finger with the cheese grater and yelling every 5 minutes go play in your room and get out of my kitchen. Beside that what a perfect day I leave work on time, well at least I try to when all of a sudden I can't find my keys. I spend the next 10 minutes tearing apart my purse and trying to carry on a conversation with Brian about invoices with out having the panic I'm going to cry voice. After I found them of course sitting on the filing cabinet since that is the most logical place for them to be! I run pick up the 3 kids, oh boy I can't wait for Cole to be back in School Daycare so we can have a little peace since he'll be the last stop. Then we run and pick up Roy since I wasted so much time looking for my keys we could have made it to the grocery store. Instead of doing that we head home get unloaded and just in time for Tarra to show up.

Tarra and I got busy making the casserole and had a great system down if it weren't for the kids. They of course were not on the same page and my heated warnings to NO KIDS IN THE KITCHEN went over their heads (literally). After almost shredding my finger instead of the cheese did anyone kind of listen that was for maybe 2 minutes. At that time they returned and we had the heated debated of "how come she can sit in here", "I want to see too", "No I sit here", "No I help", oh the joys of being a mom. Next house must have a bigger kitchen, too many little ones under feet! Finally after much pledging and then throwing in the white towel we get the casserole done and ready to go in the oven.

At which time I take my clue to run out the door while Caden is busy eating and Cole is who knows where to get the grocery shopping done. Let me tell you I never have enjoyed the grocery store as much as I did last night. I got to grab what I needed with out anyone asking can have this or I never get anything. I even forgot my bags and was able to Leave (yes you read that right) my cart and run out to the car to grab my bags! That trip was worth every blissful minute! Thank you Tarra.

This is where my nirvana went into overdrive! I come home to have helpers (I know I was shocked too) help carry in the bars. My house cleaner Leah was just finishing up the bathroom and the kids had already had dinner! I had to stop and blink and then open the door to make sure I really did enter the right house. And it just kept on going, while I did up the dishes Leah dusted my whole front room and Tarra gave the kids baths! By the time I was done with dishes I even had time to eat dinner myself and get this watch a little Project Runway! Yup I was having a momgasium! Get your minds out of the gutter it's pleasure for moms!

Now let's see how long the house will stay clean, until next week when she comes ... oh sorry I'm still in my nirvana state I must have cloudy vision!


  1. Oh' honey I just LOVE you having a house-wife!! You SO deserve it!! And Momagasims are excellent too so I hope you get more of them!! :)

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 19, 2008 2:12 PM

  2. House-wives rock! They totally help and make it like you have the 8 arms you always feel like you need! Thanks girlie it's great to have a little help! Keep them coming is what I say!


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