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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Drums Oh My ...

The drums have invaded my house and I now know I've lost my mind is it just my hearing? Right now the ringing hasn't stopped so I'm head, so I'll have to let you know on that one! Yesterday was my first day back to work since the back incident and well let's just say it was crazy. The project that I've been working on for weeks was given to another person to make a few corrections, which then turned into helpful changes. So when I got in this morning to find a bunch of work to have to get it back to the new way it is suppose to look, which didn't go over well with the person who made the changes. So let's just say the morning wasn't my favorite, which then made me late picking Cole up and getting the hairy eyeball yet again! One day I'll be that put together mom, just don't let the world crash down around me waiting for that day!

My night at home started with Roy who is taking band and guess what instrument he chose you got it the drums! Not wanting to be outdone Cole decided to break out his drum set and to make it even LOUDER he found Rick's drum sticks! So after 20 minutes of this I decided I needed to get out of the house before my ear drums really did explode!

The boys "Playing" Drums in the living room:

Caden dancing to the lovely drum beats:

Why not let's go get Roy a Halloween Costume, since of course he has now decided he wants to be Harry Potter which I now is one of the hardest costumes to find. We run over to Spirit store and grab the last one! It does not come with the white shirt or Tie, so we run over to Goodwill pick up a shirt and while I'm there why not buy mine and Rick's costumes. Since the kids will be Scooby and Scrappy, Rick will be Shaggy and I'll be Velma. So I only find parts of my outfit and then remember we need wigs, so back over to Spirit thankfully it's right next door.

We get home in time for bedtime, and Rick to come home. I tell him about the costume when he reminds me that earlier that day he asked me if he could take a security job Halloween night for a killer pay. Oh crap yes I did say take, no don't cancel I'll just take the clothes and wig back. Well that would be a GREAT idea if both of them were non-cash returnable just in store credit! Yup I have a sign on me to just let it pour down.

One quick funny note while in Goodwill Caden kept throwing items out of my purse. After like the twenty time I smack his hand, oh stop it wasn't hard or anything. The funny part was the lady working there that looked over at me and gave me the worst look. Now I just thought silly lady, until I was putting Caden in his seat and looked at his head. Oh crap I forgot about his bruise from the door crash and it looks like he must have rubbed it and blood finally came out. I'm surprised the lady didn't call CPS on me, the slap paired with the bruise must have looked very bad! This is one heck of a day, I really should have called it a day earlier!

Look the head looks so great, no wonder she looked at me crazy!


  1. The video is great!! Roy...playing your house for the next 7 months? really are joking, right?
    my oh' my

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 19, 2008 2:07 PM

  2. I could only wish I was joking, nope he came with the violin which his parents made him play once in America he chooses the drums! Oh yeah my house is hoping literally. Ha-Ha ...


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