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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did I really just do that?

I really need more sleep, this morning was a great indication of this. Since last night I stayed up way past my bedtime uploading new pictures to myspace. I know what am I 30-something and updating my myspace page like I'm a teenager! But to my surprise not everyone reads my blog (I know I was shocked too!) so since those people don't read my blog they miss out on all the pictures of the kids. I know can't let that happen, so here I am sitting in front of my computer on that hard seat uploading pictures and making notes of who is in the picture and tagging any one's elses child in the photo (because I'm cool like that). So this leads me back to this morning having to take a shower in the morning instead of at night like usual. Once out of the shower I put products in my hair. So I grab the bottle shake it and spray it into my hand, hmmm that's weird why is the mouse coming out in a liquid? So I try one more (ok 3 more times) before I realize I'm squirting black bottle and not the purple mouse bottle. That would explain why my palm is all sticky I was spraying hairspray in my hands!

Yup that is how I started my morning, that and the trying to catch a certain person who was sneaking cookies into his bedroom again. Let alone going into the bathroom to find yet another puddle around my sink that I call out like I do every morning "Hun please make sure you wipe up the water please, hang up your towel and put my make up mirror back". What does a 10 year old need my make up mirror for? You got me I've been trying to figure that out for 2 months now! Then I wake Caden up get him dressed and head towards the door, where I open it and almost get pushed out of the way so someone else can make it to the car. Every morning this is what we do, if only I could have someone see my hands are full and shut the door for me not push me out of the way so they can make it to the freezing car first! Oh boys I so can't wait for Cole to get to this stage, hopefully his manor will be 10x better since I'm going to start to beat them into him. Manor and eating with your mouth shut, how do you tell someone elses child that they need to eat with their mouth closed. How much longer can I take dinner with smacking and slurping and just a gross view. Sorry of track yet again!

Today was the usual at work, the highlight is Tarra and I have a class at the children's museum. Now I usually don't care for these parenting classes I think I've done pretty well on my own, but this one is different. They offered 1 1/2 hours of childcare, the things I will do and sit thru just to have a little adult time! Now if I could get them to go to the bar next door and get us a couple cocktails! Hmmm ... I'll let you know if I can get that one to work! I'll try to post later tonight to let you know how the class and the cocktails went :).


  1. You are a DORK!!! I love your stories and I can't believe not everyone reads them....HOW RUDE...LOL!!!
    Thanks for brightening my day up!! It's been a long one and I'm pooped!
    Hugs, Vanessa

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Oct 21, 2008 7:11 PM

  2. I know who wouldn't want to read about a crazy mom's life? LOL I'm so glad at least you enjoy them! Hope you got some rest! Hugs, Lex ;)


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