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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What counts as a good mom?

A good mom remembers that EVERY Thursday is show-n-tell day, she has the calendar on the refrigerator and looks at it every week to see what the theme is. Yup that would be what you would call a good. Now in my case I do know every Thursday is show-n-tell, since I even reminded Cole that we need to bring his item. I even have the calendar on my fridge and I even looked at it yesterday going ok V or Harvest item. No problem we have to have something in the toy chest that would qualify for either of those. Now most moms would look the Tuesday so if God forbid you need to pick something up you wont be having to run out Wednesday PM. Yup that would be a good plan, not my plan but yes a good plan. So after dinner and after bath time, I start looking threw the toy box. To my dismay no V items and no Harvest items. Crap ok everyone let's get dressed and run to the dollar store (yes I'm cheap like that).

So of course Cole is only in underwear and Caden is in his PJ's minus socks of course! I tell Cole go get PJ's and we'll hope in the car, hey it's not like we're going to Wal-Mart and have to dress up. LOL that is my all time favorite White Trash Email that was sent around a year or so ago, a lady in the newspaper said the she liked going to the dollar store so she didn't have to dress up like she does when she goes to Wal-Mart. Oh yeah I was so being a subject of that email and under that line would be a picture of my children going to the Dollar Store! Yup I leave you with these great pictures!

Here is Cole in the outfit he picked out for to go shopping.
Yup a stripped T-Shirt, Camo pants and no one leaves the house with out Thomas slippers!
I'm ready mom, I got in the car seat! Oh it has to be in the car?
Minus socks of course (in my purse I at least put those on him)

Look mom I'm ready to go! Wink Wink!


  1. Hey, as long as they are warm enough, what does it really matter? If people want to judge they should do a good hard long look in the mirror first right? Hope you found what you needed.

  2. OH yeah just great times running to the Dollar Tree with 3 very unhappy companions. The only thing we could find was a pumpkin that was so ugly but could work in a pinch. Then this AM I get a call from Rick that Cole isn't feeling well and he's going to keep him home. Go figure!

  3. Hey, at least he could be home with Cole and you didn't have to drop everything and deal with it right?
    Hope Cole feels better soon.

  4. One nice thing about Rick's hours, he doesn't usually start until 11 or 12p. So most nights suck, but helps out like this every once in awhile! MOST days I would be taking Cole to school and if he was sick have to call Rick who would heavy sigh and tell me how busy his life is! Oh yeah joy, thankfully today Rick was in a good mood ... LOL just playing

  5. Oh gosh! 1st of all I avoid the war and just let Kailey dress herself...all the time!!! Yesterday is was a pair of blue sweats, striped socks, and pink DRESS over the blue sweats. The day before I took her to Fred Meyer in her head-to-toe zipper PJ's (striped of course) and poka-dot slippers. Right now this minute, she has on turquiose socks with purple sweats and a Christmas shirt from last year..seriously. My Mom said we should start calling her Punky Brewster-and I totally agree. So don't feel bad; (I think) it's normal that they dress themselves silly sometimes and go out into public that way. :))

    Posted by A. Cullen on Oct 30, 2008 11:49 AM

  6. Thankfully I think since he's a boy he didn't care to much about me changing his shirt, the shoes he ended up with where his fireman rubber boots though. So white sweatshirt, camo pants and fireman boots. Yup isn't it funny our kids so are Punky Brewster (now only if they would know who that is). A friend of mine says she use to put a button on her daughter that said I dressed myself ... LOL.

    You so need to post those pictures, that is great!


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