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Monday, October 27, 2008

Yet another busy Sunday ...

Except this time I spent most of the day at home, not sitting down and relax oh no cleaning! I think Rick spiked my coffee, because I was on a mission. I did get to sleep until 9 which gave me 7 hours of sleep since I went to bed around 2pm after I got done with my 2nd job. Amazingly all the boys slept until shortly after I got up, which is great only if they would do that for me on Saturdays when I work the mornings from 5am to 9ish. Nope that is the day they always decide to wake up around 6:30 or 7am! Go figure, it's just the way my life works.

So Sunday I decided to make pancakes and then why not start cleaning out the fridge. Really I have no clue where this energy came from, maybe it's from reading Rachael's Space, she's ready to have the baby and I'm taking on her nesting habit. Not sure what it was but I cleaned out the fridge and really should have taken a picture of my sink with all the plastic containers that I had to wash. I gave up after I counted 15 of them. Isn't funny how we have gone from a Tupperware society to this cheap gladewear people. I remember growing up with the real Tupperware, you know the kind that your mom threaten your life to bring back home. Now days I could careless if I throw out one, ok I guess I would since I WASHED THEM ALL. Yup I'm crazy thrifty like that, or is an attachment issue?

After cleaning the fridge I tackled the boys room, washed all their bedding which took me 3 loads. Those boys sure do have a crap load of blankets, thanks grandma's for making them 4 each times 2 grandma's makes for a lot of laundry for mom! I then weeded out clothes in Cole's closet. Then came my bedroom, the room that I have been putting off for days weeks months since Rick's closet has literally exploded out and thrown up and is about to consume my side of the bed. Knowing he's going to be grumpy when he knows I hung up his clothes, he has a problem getting them hung up but also has an issue if you help him (yet again just my life). I get to working on his side first since he'll be home in a few hours from helping my parents. Yes I said a few hours because that is precisely the amount of time it took me to hang up 74 t-shirts. No your reading that correct t-shirts Rick hates t-shirts in a drawer, yet again just my life! I'm getting the vacuum when I notice for the umpteenth time a 10 year old pace by my room. I can only guess that he 1 is bored because you know we didn't do anything fun today and he might be hungry. Top Roman it is, oh the memories of college! After I get the boys dished up I lay Caden down with a bottle and start vacuuming. Yup Caden rocks and falls right to sleep even though I'm vacuuming in the same room!

6 1/2 hours later and I have completed 9 loads of laundry, I even folded and put them all away, cleaned 3 bedrooms, cleaned the fridge and vacuumed the cobwebs and the cracks between the floorboards and the carpet. I don't even want to go there again, that was just wrong. I finish just in time for Rick to come strolling in and guess what he's first words are .... "I was going to hang up my clothes today". Really? Not oh hun the house looks beautiful, you did an amazing job ... Nope I get a hairy eyeball. For that I get the table set up for pumpkin carving and make him the carver! So this is where fight #1 started, I took the pages and started cutting where it says remove! According to Rick I ruined the picture and made it hard for him, my reply deal with it. Yup if any of you know Rick you know dealing with a pressure not his thing, the pumpkin not working was making for one happy hubby! 2 hours later and I've carved my pirate and he gave up on the spider and added something else. Oh glorious days! So I baked some pumpkin seeds and went about my business ;).

Just to make my guest oh so happy I made a run for diapers and then noticed we needed some groceries, which wasn't his idea of fun. After much sulking and grumpy looks and asking "what is the menu" I finish my shopping and pick up a quick dinner. Once we get home before anyone can eat they must help me unload the car and then I have my new helper unload groceries with me. Yup that's me the mean one!

A few pictures of our adventures in pumpkin carving

This is what happens when you to young to carve
You dance! Mr. Grumpy and his 2nd template since I ruined the 1st one
Watching Rick, seems like the only thing the kids did
That is when they weren't trying to leave the room & let us do the carving


  1. I thought Brian was the only one with the hanging T-shirt thing. What makes me insane is that he will reach in and rip one off the hanger and the shirts on either side fall off their hangers too and land (and stay) on the floor, plus the hangers all stick up wonky-like. I feel your pain dear. I am glad I gave you the energy or inspiration to get a few things done around the least your fridge is clean for today right? I really need to do that too...guess I'll add it to my ever-growing list.
    Ohh, I had an idea for Roy's 'what's on the menu'...Make him a menu...Fold a piece of paper and give him two choices 1. Dinner (You could write in whatever you have decided to make for dinner there) or 2. Nothing. I'm not sure if he complains about what is 'on the menu' or not or if he just doesn't know how to ask polightly what is for dinner...
    Hope the pumkin seeds came out well! Sounds yummy.

  2. I know it's crazy hanging all the t-shirts. Rick so does the same thing he falls and then says I'll clean it up later. Except later never comes until Maid (alexis) comes and cleans it all up!

    LOL your so funny thankfully he's never complained about the food. Just everything else oh yeah and the point it was last night for dinner. He pointed that out several times to Rick. Yup one day dude! June can't get her any faster!

    God I seriously don't know how you can stand it!! Maybe my divorce has made me bitter but wow all I can think to myself is "I'm NEVER getting married again!!!"

    Posted by Anngie on Myspace

  4. LOL sad thing is I only blog about the grumpy (it's funnier that way) so you don't get to see the good parts :) Overall when you add it up he's a good guy that helps more then some.


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