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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time for mom ...

Ok I don't always paint my dear husband in the best light, he truly is a good guy but still deep down he's a guy. And heck it's funnier to point out the pouting and screaming then it is the loving things. I must give him props last night, he could tell I was totally stressed by the time I got home. I forgot we were out of fish food and remembered of course right when I was a block away from home. Which left me very few options to find fish food, I ended up going to the Lakewood Mall to the pet store. This made us getting home even later since oh yeah I worked an hour over on a proposal that is due Thursday. This made us get home close to 7pm which made dinner a late one. Rick ended up coming home around the same time and with out hesitation loaded up the two older ones and took them to Wal-Mart. Yeah an hour to myself to finish dinner and hey check my email. It was a glorious time for me. Rick on the other hand had to hear someone complain over and over again that their dinner was late! So being the nice guy he is he stopped at Taco Bell and got some Cinnamon twist to tide them over. Well someone didn't like them and then promptly requested french fries. Yup Rick is not as diplomatic as me and set this certain somebody in their place about being gratefully and that he'll just have to wait for dinner. Bless my hubby some days he really comes thru for me.

On another note since I'm just the maid/cook I'm not told about things going on in school. Like a boy in his school had lice! Yup not something I need to know! Or he's out of money, plus $50 is missing, which he joking said we took it (which Rick set him straight that it wasn't funny and we've NEVER have seen or touched his money). Oh yeah that next week is PJ day and he 1 doesn't have PJ's and 2 doesn't have any money for them. Well dude I can take you to the Goodwill and pick some up and you can pay me back, but HELLO you need to talk to me! So Rick is my line of communication these days! Oh well that's fine I'm done going over and beyond, hang out in your room come out only when Rick is here or when your food is served. It's easier for me and it's your lose if you don't want to learn and be part of the family, you can't say I haven't tried or gone over and beyond. I think sometimes you just have to let life takes it course, you can't force things that aren't willing to be forced. You know like those jeans I once wore in College, yup forcing them up and over my thighs is not going to make them zip up (ok getting them up to my thighs wouldn't even happen). Ok enough about that, my new outlook is to just go with it and make the most of what I've been given. Just enjoy the moments with my kids. Speaking of moments with my kids, I leave you with a few pictures that should make you laugh (if they don't then your really on the wrong blog).

Hugs, Alexis ;) (I really need to add one of my cool name signatures)

Ok so here's the story! Cole was taking a bath, I turned to do laundry and heard a little splashing and didn't think a thing about it. Until I saw this when I came in and saw this. You know we've been working with Cole to go poop, well when he was taking a bath he had to poop. So he jumped out (literally check out all the water) and went poop. Well his hands were all wet and that made the toilet paper clump and then he got it stuck everywhere. So the tears and screaming got my attention to come help clean up the mess! At least he made it to the bathroom in time and no floaters in the tub.

I'm ready for school. We tried to get this

backpack off and he only did it when I bribe with food!
Auntie Tarra has been teaching me to wink.

Here's looking at you kid!


  1. That is too cute! (the backpack, not the tub mess...) Jake has gotten a backpack recently and refuses to take it off once on...Well we can get it off him to put in his carseat so long as gets to hold it in his lap...
    We all rant about our hubbies, it's allowed and I think most people are smart enough to figure out that they are better than we make them out to be...don't worry I don't think Rick is a any more of a slouch than the rest of them...probably much better than a lot of 'em.
    Maybe Roy's issue is a cultural thing and he just has problems with women as authoritative figures?
    Who knows. Glad Rick stepped up and let him know the way things are.
    Glad to hear Cole is getting the hand of the pooping thing, I am not looking forward to that part of parenting, but hey I have a happy, healthy kid and it could be a lot worse.

  2. LOL I know and even Cole was being cool about brother wearing it. It finally took a banana to bribe him to take it off.

    Thanks girlie it's great to hear sometimes we just have to go off about him and I know I talk a lot about him being grumpy which doesn't always paint him in the best light. 66.7% of the time he's a gem it's just those 33.3% that I really want to choke him! My friend pointed out that all I say about him is he's grumpy. So I though a little positive before I go back into the negitive LOL will be good. Isn't that right 1 good remark is good 10+ bad ones? Oh wait that's 1 bad comments means for 10 people to hear. Hmmm guess I'll have to think of that for the future. Nahhhh

    I think your very right, if I do this ever again I'm going to ask for a girl and maybe one a little older. I think the age is also a huge factor. 10 is so young to be away from home and I think he's using that. But on the other hand I'm not going to stand by and keep letting me being trampled on. I've alreay started inforcing picking up after yourself and help unload groceries etc. It's a step, I gave up on the door because in all fairness it's fine by me it's less for me to have to deal with.

    Yup potty training was the easy part we've had that down for 1 1/2 years. Now wiping ones own butt that the trick! And to stay in school one MUST do this on their own! We've been doing OK, just leaving a little behind. Oh the joys of washing boys underwear. On that note I'm signing off! LOL

  3. The Caden pics are wayy too cute! And I'm glad you're happy! :))

    Posted by Anngie on Myspace

  4. Thanks! I am, life it just keeps you moving and adjusting. I think it a way it's a state of mind, well at least what I try to believe :)


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